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    Default Cold Night in the Pocs

    I don't know how you're doing wherever you are, but it's a cold one up here in the Poconos tonight.

    We've got low temps; 4 degrees F, some wind and icicles everywhere! Here's looking out of the window at the ice hanging off the roof:

    Weather like this gets me thinking about Florida or somewhere South of there................way South of there.


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    Default Re: Cold Night in the Pocs

    Living in the south, I would like to have a little more changing of the seasons. We get some cold but not enough to freeze the lakes thick enough to ice fish, nor enough snow for sleds or snow mobiles. Our big game can spoil in just a few hours if we can't get it iced down.

    Funny how no matter where we are, we wanna be somewhere


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    Default Re: Cold Night in the Pocs

    Allan: Welcome to the club and I'm not talking about Club Med! Today the wife was talking about moving south once I retire, she is tired of the cold and it's only January. We still have snow on the road in front of the house and on the side there is a drift of snow four ft high on the fence and we have another cold front bearing down on us, they are forecasting 1-2 ft in the mountains.


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    We are having the warmest winter I can remember in my 37 years in Colorado. Last week we had a couple days dip into the 11-15 below range but that's it. Used to be we'd get at least one snap of below zero that would last a week to ten days. Been awhile since we saw one of those. Snowfall at the house for the year is a mere 22". I'm still Jonesing for spring anyway.

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    Default Re: Cold Night in the Pocs

    I was just out on the deck encouraging Boss to hurry up with his business in the woods and the thermometer on the shelf says -12 so......................... We are back to normal after seeing 40 last week when the wind storm started. I have started posting to a blog here about the day to day and I explain the 'wind storms' there if you want to see what I'm talking about. With a -12 at 6:00 PM I expect -25 by morning. The temps here can vary greatly by just moving a few miles around the area. I checked the report at the Wasilla airport and they report -6 there. Nancy is about to drive to town (6 miles) and her car will read the differences between here and there. It really doesn't seem too cold because it is very dry here and the wind has quit.

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    Default Re: Cold Night in the Pocs

    it's a balmy 16 degrees here in illinois. good time to clean my fly lines and re organize my fly boxes. then maybe a finger or two,



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    Default Re: Cold Night in the Pocs

    Thermometer hit 88 degrees today, record high for this date. Highest ever in January... 97, lowest ever... 13! milt.

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