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    Default Indicator--Whad'u'think?

    I've being trying an indicator this Spring and thought I'd post it to see what any trout bums, that occasionally use light indicators, think. (No lectures from non-indicator users, please.) It's simple to make, floats without dressing, retrieves through guides, casts and retrieves with streamlined efficiency, and is sensitive. I think it has a real edge over yarn.

    It's made with a 2-3 mm. strip of foam (I use Hi-vis yellow). One end is folded over and the tag is wrapped and whip finished. (I just clamp it in my vise and wrap, though wrap gently at first, so you don't cut the foam.)

    In use, I just insert my hemostat and pull a loop of leader or tippet through. Then I drop the loop over the longer end of the foam and tighten. If you tighten so that the leader ends up above the thread wrap but in between the tag and the standing legs of foam, it is easy to retrieve the leader when adjusting depth and doesn't kink much at all.

    In the 1 1/2 to 2 inch length I use it won't hold up more than a weighted nymph or a BB shot, but that's all I need for slower water.

    Anyhow, if any of you guys or gals tries it in some softer water, I'd appreciate the feedback.
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    Default Re: Indicator--Whad'u'think?

    Looks interesting....May have to give them a try...


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    Default Re: Indicator--Whad'u'think?

    A friend of mine said that a guide had them using a Chernobyl Ant as an indicator. He said every once in awhile a fish would hit the CAnt. Just another spin on using a foam indicator.

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    Default Re: Indicator--Whad'u'think?

    Jimmie: I think we all have had a fish hit our indicator at one time or another, that is why in soft water I like to use a large dry with an emerger or nymph as a dropper.


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    Default Re: Indicator--Whad'u'think?

    Thanks for taking a look. Yes, I have had hits on this indicator too, but unlike a dry/dropper set up, this is adjustable for depth, can go thru guides, and doesn't affect the cast as much. I've used hopper/droppers for summer searching, but this indicator is really for times when you know only a nymph will work, like winter and early Spring. Unlike a dry, you can add or remove an indicator in seconds.

    It sure is easy to make. When I first started playing with them I'd make half a dozen of different sizes and shapes and since I was at my vice I would just slide them on a toothpick (I use toothpicks for head glue). The toothpicks make a nice way of storing/organizing the indicators in you vest or pack. A row of these indicators take no room at all and I have even put them inside a fly box when I'm packing ultra light.

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    Default Re: Indicator--Whad'u'think?

    Hi Softouch,

    I think you get an "A" for ingenuity. We all have our favorite type of indicator. If you like it, use it. It is hard to judge your indicator with out trying it.

    My favorite has always been yarn but now I am leaning to the Thingamabobber.



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    Default Re: Indicator--Whad'u'think?

    I haven't used many different indicators, but I will second Frank on the Thingamabobber. They work well, easy to adjust and no problems casting them. They are the only indicators in my arsenal now.

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    Had a guide rig me a 3 nymph rig with a thingabob in colorado.. It cast easy and had great visibility.

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    Default Re: Indicator--Whad'u'think?

    My favorites have always been the ones by Scientific Anglers that look like little pieces of hollow fly line. They just slide on your leader and are held in place by a knot. Of course, if you don't have any knots in your leader they don't work too well. They don't float at all but can be seen for a fair distance under the water. I like to use one about 2 feet from the fly and another a foot or so above that one.

    They cast well, go thru the guides and there is no need to adjust them because they don't float.

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    Default Re: Indicator--Whad'u'think?

    Yep, the Thing-ma-Bobber is in my arsenal for heavy water. It kinks my line a little and of course is not streamlined or guide friendly, but I like it because I can load on the weight. I have a trip into the Wind River Mountains in July, so I'm interested to see what happens above 8000 feet. I've heard the Thing-ma-Bobber collapses.

    There is something about the way the foam strip indicator casts that is pretty smooth. First versions used an o-ring, then I tried orthodontic bands, but they were unnecessary. I'm tweaking a larger floater with a dark base right now.

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