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Thread: Is anyone else this unreasonable?

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    Default Is anyone else this unreasonable?

    I was fishing with the Bloodknot guys and we were discussing upcoming saltwater trips. I was rattling off the thousands of dollars of saltwater gear that I want for this summer. They mentioned that maybe I should upgrade the fly line I was using. That thought had never crossed my mind. I use the line on my trout rod twice a week and never seem to change it. But I am ready to buy all new stuff that I will use 5 times a year!

    Does anyone else think about things as irrationally as I do?
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    Default Re: Is anyone else this unreasonable?


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    Default Re: Is anyone else this unreasonable?

    Absolutely...but not me really never! O

    f course I suspect most of us, my self included that is what addiction does to people!
    -Tom Wilson
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    Default Re: Is anyone else this unreasonable?

    Nope. Never made an irrational, unnecessary, gluttonous, or otherwise poor purchase....

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    Default Re: Is anyone else this unreasonable?

    Absolutely, I am probably the worst one that I know of. Irrational and compulsive (this one is very dangerous) when it comes to hobbies and interests that are in "season" for me.
    There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them.
    -Jim Croce-

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    What time is it?

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    Default Re: Is anyone else this unreasonable?

    With a little luck you out grow this by the time you have been buying stuff for a few decades. I went from a 3 rod guy to someone who thought he needed a different rod and reel for every stream. Then I went the other way and finally found the center. I use the same rod 80% or more of the time and have 13 sitting and waiting for that other 20% to pop up every year. Sometimes it does, sometimes it does not. Last year I used the same 8 weight rig for rivers and surf fishing and only took trout rods out about 5 or 6 times.

    I now tend to focus my resources on travel expenses so I can reach farther into the Interior than on a new rod to take with me. If I bought the new rod I would have to use it along the road system because the Bush trip would be too expensive on top of the tackle purchase. You'll get over it, sometimes the urge to buy new stuff happens because someone else has it and you'll feel like odd man out if you don't have it too. Trust me it's all about catching the fish not your rod.

    This link will take you to a short story about having the right gear;


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    Default Re: Is anyone else this unreasonable?

    I would never buy something on a whim...

    Great story Ard, don't know how I missed it before...


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    Default Re: Is anyone else this unreasonable?

    Quote Originally Posted by yatahey View Post
    What time is it?
    20:46 here Yat

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    Default Re: Is anyone else this unreasonable?

    I follow the old rule.......if it's not broke then don't replace it!!!.....if it can be fixed then fix it!!!

    But there are days when that rule doesn't apply and I buy new toys fly fishing
    Popperfly >-<(((((*>

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