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    Default Re: I'm Getting Tired of SOOO MANY CRAPPIE!

    Nice crappie. If you are catching alot of crappies you could easily win a fishing contest on this other site I belong to.

    Do you drift? Jig? or slowly pull in your flies?

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    Default Re: I'm Getting Tired of SOOO MANY CRAPPIE!

    Hi Mike,
    I slowly strip the fly back in, casting along the bank. When I have just a
    few feet of line from the tip top, I'll often pause for several seconds to see
    if one of the fish decides to go for it. They often do! As I said in my first post,
    I had a crappie take a wooly bugger that was dangling in the water (I was
    tying on another for my wife). Many of the takes have been really subtle, and
    I often pause to watch for any movement of the fly line. I don't use an indicator, but seeing the line move an inch back is a good indication that it's time to set the hook .

  3. Default Re: I'm Getting Tired of SOOO MANY CRAPPIE!

    that lake is a prime time crappie fishery. i read in a magazine somewhere that is was the best crappie fishery in PA.

    O and that spot your fishing is one of my favorite spots. They just nail the fly in there.

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