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Thread: This past weekend

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    Default This past weekend

    I took my oldest son fishing with me to a local state park on Saturday morning. It was cool and misting rain. Nothing too uncomfortable, but I put on a long sleeve shirt and gave my son my lightweight windbreaker.

    I caught 8 sunfish, none of them longer than my hand. Would have been alot more fun with my 2wt. Knowing that there are Largemouth and Smallmouth, as well as sunfish and catfish in this 4 acre pond, I took my 4wt just in case.

    My son was getting a little frustrated (not much) when he was across a little feeder stream from me and watch me cast my white spider out 35-40ft and get a hit as soon as it hit the water. I could see his frustration with fishing with in-line spinners and I asked him if he wanted to try. Of course, he did. After a quick 1/2 hour class, he could get it out past the reeds and in the water about 20ft. away. He hooked a little sunfish, but didn't land him because he (like I was) used to going right for the reel. The fish spit the hook and a lesson was learned. I think I'll let him use my 4wt Avid again as it is pretty light and won't tire him out. I think he's "hooked".

    Friday night I was out in the backyard with my 4wt just practicing. Just for fun, I overlined it with my WF5F just to see what would happen. I got out to my fence from my patio. After this, I wondered if this had to do more with better casting due to practice or the 5wt line, so I changed to the WF4F. I missing the fence by about a foot. On Sunday, I had my son help me measure from the spot I was standing at to the fence where I was getting the fly to. It was 50 feet. Bear in mind, there was no wind and I was not double hauling, just getting it out there.

    Doesn't sound like much, but it was a milestone for me.
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    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    Default Re: This past weekend

    Sounds like you had a great time fishing with your son and to see him get interested in fly fishing is just a bonus!


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    Thanks for the report and glad to hear your son is hooked on the fly fishing.

    As for your rod casting the 5wt. line, some rod companies will suggest you use a half wt. or a one size heavier wt. line. Like your 4wt. rod you can cast a 5wt. line farther. Now using a heavier wt. line might slow the action of the rod down some but not that much. Using a heavier line won't hurt the rod either.

    You can contact the rod company and ask them about using a heavier wt. line and they should tell you the same.

    Always Thank The Lord For The Time We Get To Spend Outdoors With All Its Great Wonders That Our Lord Has Provided Us!!!

    "Catch and Release"

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