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    I was at the local sports shop and seen a automatic fly reel. I remember my dad usin one and I used it when I was just a kid. I am tempted, if it jives with my rod. Any thoughts on these. I know they are just spring loaded with a trigger. most pics and vids I have seen on fly fishing always show a crank style, so I am thinking there is a reason for this aside from tradition. Thanks for any input!

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    It's usually a matter of personal preference whether you like automatic reels or not, but they're a real blessing for people with limited use of one hand.

    I have one and use it from time to time. They do come in handy when pulling bass bugs across the water. Automatic reels have fallen out of fashion these days, and most people don't care for them. Personally, I kinda like mine.

    I don't know what brand you are looking at, but mine is a Pflueger and it barely holds the line (WF8F) with about 10 yards of backing in there just to say I actually have some. That might be a limiting factor for some people, but it's not a problem if you're fishing from a boat or in small streams at short distances.

    Aside from that, if it's a "vintage" reel, there might be some real value as an antique.
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    Weight, no drag to speak of and the lack of capacity for backing are probably the most likely reason. If you like it, get it and use it. Especially for panfish!
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