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  1. Default Gary's reply to Miramichi accommodation

    I received a reply from Gary in regards to Miramichi accommodation. I tried to answer to his posting but the system won't let me do that ...
    I'm new to this forum and require some help.

    Thanks, John63

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    Default Re: Gary's reply to Miramichi accommodation

    Hey John63 - don't know why the system wouldn't let you answer...hopefully someone that knows will eventually enlighten you...and I was trying not to take up public space with a question for you.

    But since we seem to have to do it this way: I don't need opening week accomodations, but will be fishing the Miramichi Salmon Association's Classic July 10-12, and am seeking a small cabin in your vicinity for that time frame. Was wondering if the cottage you mention is yours, and if so, would it be available in that time frame and if not, do I contact the website you have listed.

    Welcome to the sometimes - but not often - difficult to navigate forum,

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