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    Hello, I'm new here and am seeking help with a new sage launch 590 9' 2 piece 5wt that is on the way. I may need to purchase a new reel but do not want to spend an arm and a leg. Less than a hundred would be great. I do have a new in box never used 1967 Heddon 310 Daisey. Don't know if that would be appropriate for this rod or not. I need help on what brand line, backing tipping etc. I have been fly fishing most my life on and off and mainley for BIG bluegill small mouth creek bass and have been going up to arkansas, cotter fishing for rainbow and brown but have not used the flyrod. mainley light spinning. But I want to get more into fly fishing. I do have an old Shakespeare 8 1/2' 7wt Wonderod with an old Shakespeare Russell I use for bass around here and an old excellent shape 8' Southbend bamboo with an older Medialist 1494 on it. I have an 8 1/2 ft 7wt Dogwood canyon with a new martin 60 on it Im giving my wife. I am anxious on setting up this Sage and need your good advice. we will be going up to Arkansas this summer. I would appreciate some help. Thank You

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    Personally, for trout fishing I don't think the reel is all that important. For a hundred bucks I don't think you can go wrong, though I'd try to get something light; and you should consider whether you'll want a spare spool. (Down the road you might want a sinking line.)

    Personally, I'm leaning more and more to Large Arbor reels, as they reduce line coils, but there are few in your price range. Perhaps you can pick up a used Orvis. (They're light.)

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    I think the Cabelas lines are a great bang for the buck


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    I gotta agree, for 100.00 , give or take most of cabelas reels are pretty good, I, my wife and my son all have cabelas reels in the 50.00 to 150.00 range and have had no problems with them

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    Default Re: Need help with setting up new sage

    Sage makes a fine reel for about $100 that would match that rod well. I've got the larger size on a 7wt and I'm thrilled with its value and performance. - SAGE FLY RODS,REDINGTON FLY RODS,SIMMS WADERS,ROSS FLY REELS : SAGE 1600 SERIES FLY REELS

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    never had a trout "on the reel".
    Just my opinion but drags are for saltwater. Caught a 3 pound smallie on a 4 wt rod and he never got on the reel. I personally think the fly rod is way way mor important than the reel.
    Now if you want it light and to look cool, then sadly you will pay! other than that, all it does in hold line.

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    Well Folks , I took into consideration all your good sound advice and I appreciate it very much. I did order an Orvis Battenkill Bar Stock 111 for a little over a hundred dollars and WF Trout Wonderline Gen 3 5 WT Line and 20lb backing. The reel is 3" diameter weighs 3.9 ounces. I've never seen one or used one but I liked what I read in the reviews.
    Thanks heres the ad: I did get the Titanium color for what its worth.
    The Orvis Battenkill Bar Stock Reels are the best "value for the price" fly reel series on the market today. The five strong, lightweight fly reels in this series are machined of aircraft grade 6262-T6 aluminum to tolerances that are much higher than the older die-cast aluminum fly reels. The drag system is an infinitely adjustable off-set disc drag system that has been an Orvis standard for reliability and strength for decades. Remarkably lightweight, these traditionally-sized fly reels balance beautifully with the new lightweight rods in both fresh and light saltwater sizes and will last a lifetime with little maintenance. Fly fishing reels in black, titanium

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