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    Default Cold day of practice!

    So this week I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a pair of waders to go with my Christmas rod and reel. I've been collecting flies and other misc. gear, and watching and reading everything I can find on fly fishing in general and fly casting in particular.

    Today, I found that rarest of things in my life, some spare time! So I braved the snow and went out to get my line wet in the Meramec to do some casting practice. I actually didn't pay the snow much mind, I went up under a bridge and kept out of the wind and snow.

    My casting wasn't all that bad to my uneducated eye, although it was a struggle to keep good form consistently. I would get a couple of good false casts and then find myself horsing the rod around and using my wrist.

    I was doing fairly good, then as it was getting dark my casting started going to hell. I chalked it up to the darkness and cold, and packed it in. As I got back to the truck and broke down my rod, I noticed my rod guides, especially the tip, had turned into balls of ice!

    I am going to try and get some real instruction here soon. I've got a couple of acquaintances who fly fish, one of whom is a guide in Montana during summers and builds custom rods. It was just too cold to drag either of them away from warm couches and cold beer when playoff football is on TV. Maybe they're just smarter than me.

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    Default Re: Cold day of practice!

    A lesson from a pro is probably the best thing you can do, imo. I took a couple when i started and feel it is the main reason for the success i have had so far. You just need a trained eye from a pro to catch what you cant see from your perspective.

    It really does help a lot. The guy i took a lesson from is a certified instructor. I wanted it that way so that i was certain to learn proper form.

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    Default Re: Cold day of practice!

    I didn't realize you were from MO, Good to have another from the Show-Me-State.

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    Default Re: Cold day of practice!

    Getting a real lesson is high on my list of things to do, it's just been tough getting my schedule and the weather to cooperate. I haven't found anyone dumb enough to brave below freezing temperatures to tell a rookie that he's breaking his wrist and he needs to watch his back cast!

    Lancer, always good to find someone who stalks the same waters. Maybe when the weather is nicer and my casting isn't such an embarrassment I'll look you up to do some fishing.

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