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    My funniest stories generally involve my friends and I, canoes, and copious amounts of alcohol. Let me preface this by saying that I've seen the error of my ways and that much more was on the line than I thought. Alcohol and water are best mixed in tumblers, and driving is best left to the unimpared.

    One such story had my brother and I paddling maybe 50 yards behind my best friend and his girlfriend. They had been having a spat all day long, and weren't getting along very well. The river we were on, I don't recall which right now, came to a shallow section, with swift current. It was probably 100 feet wide, with a huge sunken tree smack in the middle of it. The tree was probably 4 feet wide, so on either side there was 48 feet of open river. They couldn't agree on which way to go, and ended up hitting that tree head on at a very rapid clip. Their canoe was instantly and simultaneously sunk and emptied of it's contents. I still bring that story up years later.

    The second notable story had me and my future wife paddling down the Black River with the same best friend and his same girlfriend. The alcohol consumption on this trip got way out of hand. Actually, I should say that my wife and my buddy's GF stopped drinking an hour into the float, because me and my buddy were so out of control.

    The second half of the float found us completely slobberknockered. At one point we came upon two younger gentlemen of asian descent paddling, and proceeded to make oh-so-astute observations about the fuel efficiency, reliability, and "wwerry honorable" nature of their canoe. It was good natured ribbing and they took it with a laugh, or maybe they just didn't feel like picking a fight with two overgrown gorillas who were certainly drunk enough that no amount of pain would register.

    In the last mile of the trip, we happened upon a group of paddlers who had made a large cooler FULL of jello shots (small cups of jello made with alcohol, for those who don't know) and had managed to consume very few of them. They kindly enlisted our help, and over the objections of our much smarter women, my friend and I disposed of a dozen or so jello shots each. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

    About the time we found our landing, my buddy lost what was left of his motor control. At the same time, a late-summer downpour began to soak the area. I held it together marginally better than my friend, and managed to hop the bus to our campground to go pick up the truck and trailer to get our canoes. Only I had hopped the wrong bus, and was left with a 4 mile walk to the campground, with another mile back to our actual campsite.

    The walk sobered me up enough to where I thought I could drive, and luckily Murphy didn't pick that day to prove me wrong. I managed to get truck, trailer, canoes and friends back to the campsite in one piece, though all the people involved were a little rough around the edges.

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    one day my dad and I were fishing together. We were at an L-shaped bend in the creek. Dad was sitting at the bottom of the L, facing up stream (the river turned and went to his right) He was sittin on a rock with his legs in the water, fishing with an ultra-light. I was in the elbow of the creek across from him, so i could drift the whole bend. all of the sudden as i'm watching my line I hear this god-awful splashing. I looked up, and he is rolled back, beating the water furiously with his fishin pole, legs up out of the water, high in the air. After about 30 seconds, he kind of gathers himself up onto the bank, looks up with a grin, and says "copperhead". Apparently it had just popped it's head up right between his kneecaps. Though that might be one of those things you need to be there to appreciate.

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    My buddy should be writing this as it happened to me
    Last summer we were out on the Bighorn river & we had rented a driftboat. My buddy was rowing & I was up in the bow fishing. I was wearing my inflatable PFD as usual, but I had unsnapped it & it was hanging loose. I sat down to take a short break & we came around a bend into a really good looking spot. I went to stand back up to make a cast & the vest lanyard got caught on the bow cover & the vest inflated suddenly. Since I didn't have the front snapped it rode right up to around my head & it took a instant for me to figure out what happened. So there I was with big yellow cheeks With my buddy laughing so hard he almost fell off the seat. Well at least I know it works...

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    This didn't happen on a stream but it still makes me laugh when thought about.

    I was out hunting arrowheads and walking thru an area of bare dirt with my thoughts concentrated on this little hill just ahead. There was a patch of high grass maybe six feet in circumference in the middle of the bare dirt and I just started walking thru it when a hen turkey sitting on a clutch of eggs jumped to flight under my feet, she was so close that her wings were hitting me as she flew up. And I have to admit that on this particular day, I screamed like a little girl. My buddy who was there called me Nancy all day.


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    Default Re: Funny Encounters On the Stream


    If I had a dollar for every time a wooduck did that to me on the tiny trout streams I fish, I'd have a new fly rod for the upcoming season.

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    Nice story NANCY! Though some of those larger birds are not joke. You don't want to get hit by those flailing wings. I know a girl that works at a bird sanctuary with a trumpeter swan pond.... The pair that they are breeding literally has a graveyard full of geese, ducks, and racoons on their nesting island. She watched it throw a racoon 10 ft or so through the air into a tree and killed it instantly!

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    This falls in the "had to be there" catagory but last summer my cousin and I went up to the Flatbrook in NJ and while driving around trying to find the access road I noticed from the corner of my eye a funny blue flower ( I could use a set of glasses). Then the flower jumped out in front of the car! It was a massive gobbler! I locked up the brakes and screamed one of the loudest roars ever! It made my cuz scream out of fear of not knowing what the hell was going on! I laughed so hard, we literally sat there in the middle of the road for atleast ten minutes just cracking up with that big dude just struting his stuff in the road. EVery time I'm out on the water something happens from nearly being run down by a doe, getting "painted" while standing under an apparent heron roost, to a Nissan Exterra loaded with Buddhists who needed me to start it for them.
    Oh I live to be the ruler of life not a slave

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    Default Re: Funny Encounters On the Stream

    Though some of those larger birds are not joke. You don't want to get hit by those flailing wings.

    I heard a guy screaming for help one early summer evening from the far side of the cove I lived on in Maine. I went out on the deck and saw him being double-teamed by a pair of loons attacking his head from the front and back every time he tried to come up for air. He was thrashing around about 50 - 60 yds from shore out for an evening swim. He must have gotten too close to the young.

    His relatives scrambled into action and went out in a boat to rescue him before he drowned.


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    Ouch...You probably don't want to fight them in their element! He's lucky those little suckers didn't start submarining on him; they could have really done some damage down below too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
    I haven't seen too many really funny things while fishing but two that come to mind involved nets and fishermen. I will leave this post for now and add the stories of the net people later today.
    Still waiting on your stories if you get a chance Ard...I forgot all about it until now, but I was really looking forward to them. Hope you have time to share!

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