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    Default Funny Encounters On the Stream

    It is often not the fishing that offers the most memorable details of our fishing trips. Chance encounters with wildlife, other anglers, weather, and sometimes even the fish leave us with some raucusly entertaining stories. Feel free to share your funny encounters here! I will start with the story of:

    "Goldie the Kleptomaniac"

    We had just finished breakfast at the Lone Pine Diner in Grayling MI and made our way to the small cul-de-sac parking lot at the end of one of the the sandy dirt roads that leads to the banks of the Holy Waters. We got out and began shed a few superflous layers that were needed to sleep under the stars in April up there. We would no longer need them as the mercury was now creeping into the lower 50's and the sun was peeking through a little. As we undressed we noticed a Golden Retriever gingerly wading out towards us and then finally, engaging in a full swim traversed the slow moving pool and ambled his way up onto the bank. He doddled over, said hello, recieved a few rubs on the neck and then just seemed to loiter for a bit around us and the car. We had kind of lost track of him while we were swapping out jackets, and wool sweaters for waders and vests. We really had no reason to keep tabs on him, or at least we thought.

    The next thing you know, we heard a huge splash! Suddenly the slow moving old retriever had made a sporting dogs dive off the bank and into the pool, and hanging from his mouth was my brothers LL Bean wool sweater! We both dashed and stumbled, my brother still only in his stockingfoots , jockeying for position and managed to flank him and drive him back to our shore. That was not the end however. He hunkered down in the tall grass, half laying on the sweater, and placed a lumberjacks grip on it with his jaws. After about 5 minutes of "no, drop, give" and finally some mild ear twisting he surrendered the booty. He immediately left sulking and made his way back across the stream as though he had been defeated at his own game. It was mildly annoying, but it was also rather cute. It's pretty hard to get upset with a Golden Retriever.

    Two days later we returned to the same sandy cul-de-sac to wade the opposite direction this time. We hoofed it upstream about 1/2 of a mile and then entered the water to fish our way back. We had nearly finished our wade when we heard some ruckus coming from the far bank through the thicket. As is often the case, the truth is stranger than fiction; Goldie was at it again! We heard the men yelling back and forth, saw them rapidly bushwacking a path in pursuit of the swiftly moving golden. We never did see what he had pilfered this time, or get a chance to talk with the other anglers. They were in hot pursuit away from us when we saw them.

    It was quite an encounter, and it will be remembered long after I have fotgotten every fish from that day. We were a little annoyed during our encounter, but could not hold back the boistrous laughter when it was happening to someone else. Perhaps Goldie was working alone and had a rather pricey stash of fishing gear and clothing buried, or perhaps he was someone's "Oliver Twist"?

    Please share your stories, it will distract me from watching the calendar...67 days to mayflies...
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    Default Re: Funny Encounters On the Stream

    That is really a good one man and you did a great job of conveying me to the scene of the 'grab' right with you. I haven't seen too many really funny things while fishing but two that come to mind involved nets and fishermen. I will leave this post for now and add the stories of the net people later today.

    Great story Ausable,


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    Default Re: Funny Encounters On the Stream

    All those years and you havn't seen too many funny things? This dog was probably the funniest by far, but it seems that I'm always encountering lifes oddities while on fishing trips! Maybe I'm fishing in the twilight zone...

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    Default Re: Funny Encounters On the Stream

    Great story AuSable....

    I have a couple of good canoe hatch stories; this one took place on the PM. We were fishing along the clay banks just above the "Stairs" below the Green Cabin. The hatch was getting very thick as the afternoon came upon us, and as anyone who has witnessed the hatch knows; much alcohol has been consumed by this stage of the trip.

    We moved down to the stairs to take a breather and decide what we were going to do with the rest of our afternoon. When we got there some folks were dragging a cooler and some lawn chairs down to the gravel bar. We chatted a bit and we finally asked what they were doing. They replied that they had not been able to rent a canoe; so watching others at this point in the trip would be the next best thing.

    We decided this was as good a place as any to take our afternoon break; especially after they offered us a cold beer. Soon after we sat down the show began, with the novices and drunks providing wonderful entertainment as they crashed and collided their way past us.

    The best show we saw was the two very drunk paddlers who rolled their canoe in the 12"s of water right in front of us as they tried to pick up a hat one of them had dropped. After standing up chasing his hat and falling a number of times, then jumping into the canoe and rolling it again; he asked, "Do you think this is funny?"... We were rolling on the gravel bar helpless with laughter, when my buddy was able to stop and tell him "Oh H**L Yes!"... We were almost crying when he flipped us off and dragged himself back into his canoe...

    After the show, the people with the cooler said "See, next best thing"....


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    Default Re: Funny Encounters On the Stream

    The only thing holding me back from saying that is hilarious is the fact that I have been the one in the canoe! I was not drunk, but I was highly inept at canoing. Me being 265, and my wife being 110 in the front of the canoe may have doomed us from the beginning; it was riding really low in the back and was hard to steer. I was on a river on that crossed the border of MO and Arkansas; the water was up about 10-15 percent over normal flow and the spectators were out in droves, and they sure knew where to park their chairs. There was a very wide pool that channelled all into the left side and narrowed down from 100 ft wide to about 15. Alright, no problem, except for the 100 year old oak that had grown from the bank at a 45 degree angle and covered most of that narrow lane of water. It couldn't have been designed any better by hand to closeline canoers out of there canoes! I kid you not, in the middle of the northern Arkansas wilderness, there were at least 25 people camped out there to watch, and they made no apologies about it! There were a couple of them helping people collect their gear as they paused from rolling around laughing!

    I bet you that oak took out 8 out of 10 canoes that tried to go through!

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    Default Re: Funny Encounters On the Stream

    I was on one of my favorite streams in southeast Minnesota, making a general mess of the day. I was new to the sport and had spooked pretty much every trout in the stream before I could cast to it. I was bemoaning my poor luck when I heard a small splash about 30 meters behind me on the stream. I turned around just in time to see a mink dart out of the stream with a 3-4" brown trout in its mouth.

    I literally got outfished by a weasel. It was humbling, but it was much neater to see a mink catch a fish than to catch that same trout myself.

    A couple weeks later, I had the joy of watching that same mink teaching its baby mink how to fish at a pool a little farther upstream. The tables were turned that day. They got skunked and I caught a nice trout.

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    Default Re: Funny Encounters On the Stream

    I remember being scared out of my wader belt once by one of those sneaky buggers. I was sitting still resting a fish, and taking a shot at the flask, maybe a smoke or two as I leaned against a big log sweeper. He made a not so graceful entry about 4 feet down the log from me! They don't seem to be any to concerned about you when you're standing in the water do they?

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    Default Re: Funny Encounters On the Stream

    Yeah, its wierd. I never see 'em when I'm hiking. But I guess they extend professional courtesy when they see me in the stream.

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    Default Re: Funny Encounters On the Stream

    Ausable and Dan, Great stories

    "the fight is for habitait. Once its continuation is assured the fish will largely look after themselves." KD

  10. Default Re: Funny Encounters On the Stream

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisinselwynNZ View Post
    Ausable and Dan, Great stories

    nice story!!

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