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Thread: Fly Fishing Montana?

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    Hey guys I'm heading out to montana this summer. I want to lay into some big trout and I'd like to hear your suggestions on where I should go in Montana to make this happen? I appreciate it fellas.


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    Big Hole
    Clarks fork
    Clarks fork of the yellowstone

    There may be more.

    If your sole goal is to land a large trout, and you are going to hire a guide, i would recommend the jefferson. It has the smallest population of trout, but there is a couple nice fish in the river.

    If you are not going to hire a guide, then your best bet may is going to be calling the fly shops. I like

    However montana is the 4th largest state, and all of the rivers that i mentioned may be a 10 hour drive away from where you are planning to visit.
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    West Montana - madison with a guide on a boat. East montana - the bighorn with a guide on a boat. I almost guarantee big fish either way. But there are dozens of rivers loaded with big fish.


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    Two words: Rock Creek

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    Can't believe know ones mentioned the MO....Missouri. You want big fish you go to the MO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kory10 View Post
    Hey guys I'm heading out to montana this summer.
    I'm envious! That's one place I'd like to visit. My wife threatens to go there alone, all the time, just to just to get away, for awhile, (I think it's only for awhile?) when things get crazy around the house with the kids... Okay! with me too!
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    The question should be, where can't you catch large trout in Montana. Just bring some large streamers and fish the deep stuff. If you know what your doing, you don't really need a guide, just hit up every fishing access point you can find. The best part of Montana is finding a spot deep in the middle of nowhere, *where you don't really know if it is an access point, but you never see any 'no trespassing signs'.

    Bridges are your friends, legal access to any river.

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    Big trout are everywhere in MT. I caught this one way up on the Gallatin - where there isn't supposed to be big fish.
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    hi there. i live on the bitterroot and always catch fish. the usual size is in the 16" range, totally accessible by foot so you wont have to hire a guide. i suggest the Beaverhead for luncker browns, but beware the mosquitoes are terrible. i have a lot of friends that can take you if your interested in hiring a guide. River Otter Fly Shop in Florence Montana.
    Rock creek is fun, cast and blast fishing producing not many large fish, and the water is fast! I was on the river last year for 7 days (small window for boats) and someone was pitched over a log jam by an inexperienced guide, found his body the next day. be very careful on the body of water.
    have fun. i also know of many places to stay

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    Madison River--Guided float trip is best bet. Stayed in Ennis, MT last summer. One hour drive or less from Madison, Ruby, Gallatin. Had great days on all of them. If you are more in the East, definitely check out the Big Horn.

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