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    [img2="left"][/img2]William Joseph: New Corporate Member

    I would like to welcome the newest Corporate Member of the North American Fly Fishing Forum. William Joseph is known worldwide as a provider of quality fly fishing gear. They're famous for their fishing vests and packs. They now have a new wader and wading boot that's sure to be a big hit. Please visit their websit at

    This forum will soon be offering some fantastic William Joseph items as part of our monthly gear giveaways.

    William Joseph is a small company located at the base of Utah's Wasatch Mountains. We started as a group of people experienced in building mountaineering backpacks. Ironically, we realize that we were using our packs to carry our fly-fishing gear more often than our climbing gear. This lead us to the conclusion that anglers everywhere could benefit greatly from our technology, and the company you now know as William Joseph was born.

    After years of success building the best fly-fishing packs, we have begun to expand the William Joseph name into accessories, tools, and clothing. No matter what we make in the future, rest assured it will always represent the quality and innovation anglers worldwide have come to expect from the William Joseph team.

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    Glad to have them on board. I've got two of their items and need to use the newer of the two. Its the pocket vest and i'll have to admit i have no idea how to use the clip thing on the back. Any help on that would be appreciated.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I purchased one of their wading staffs & use it everytime I am out.

    I know a while back we had a thread about wading staffs & for the money I spent for this staff, it has worked perfectly for me.

    At $49 you can't go wrong. I'm glad to see that they are joining in.

    I liked the looks of their waders & when I need some new ones I'll give them some closer inspection.

    Tie One On

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    Welcome William Joseph. Glad to see more Utahns on here. You keep putting out the great gear, I'll keep buying it.

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    Hi was thinking to buy William Joseph waders any idea where to buy (discount or closeout options)???

    Need low shipping costs to EU.


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    you can get them for only $269.95... Click here

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    Did I hear, giveaway? If so, gotta be 18?
    But its great to see a small company grow and grow.

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