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    Default Re: Trout Pics...Caught on my New Bamboo

    Great post!

    Those guys must have been fun on that rod. I have thought about making the move over to cane myself I just have not done it yet

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    Default Re: Trout Pics...Caught on my New Bamboo

    Hi Sasha,
    Yeah, they were fun! I've wanted to try cane ever since reading John Gierach's book Trout Bum. I thought they'd be too heavy, expensive, likely to break, and just plain old wimpy. The 7' Lew Parks is built on a Dickerson 7012 taper, and is anything but wimpy. It has a more supple feel
    than my graphite 4wts, yet had plenty of back bone to bring in those trout
    quickly. The rod weighs 3.3oz on my digital scale: 2.8 butt section; .5oz tip
    section. Lew sells his rods on ebay, and the Buy it Now price is generally
    $889. His reserve was $600 for my rod, and that's what I paid.

    I'm not old enough to be nostalgic about anything except for the 1965 and
    1970 Mustangs I owned as a teenager, but cane/bamboo somehow adds to the experience of flyfishing, at least for me. My graphite rods are very nice,
    but they're simply tools when compared to the amount of workmanship that
    goes into a nice bamboo rod...IMO. I'm not going to chase after largemouth
    bass with this rod, however, and in the past I would have muscled such a
    fish with a 4wt if I happened to hook one on graphite. OTOH, as long as the rod's tip is
    kept down, I suppose a monster could be fought off the reel, and the rod
    wouldn't suffer at all.

    The action on this rod is faster than I had expected, and this taper is reported to be a good choice for people moving from graphite to bamboo.
    The rod flexes more at the tip than the mid section, but the butt section is
    "hollow-built". This reduces weight, and allows the butt section to flex when
    under load from casting and handling fish. It can throw a 2" muddler minnow
    with ease, and does well with #10 weighted wooly bugger (both on 3x or 4x
    tippet). I suspect that I'll be using this rod for smaller streams, as I never
    know what's going to take a fly at the local lake. Attached is a pic of a LMB
    I caught on April 7, while fishing for trout:

    I was fishing a 9' 5wt graphite rod, and a #10 wooly bugger. That was not something I had expected to catch that day, and was quite a thrill !
    I first used the Lew Parks bamboo rod at the same lake about 10 days ago. I was having palpatations as I strung up the
    rod, but calmed down once I landed a 12" crappie with ease. That monster
    bass was landed using the reel more than the rod, and I never put much
    pressure on the rod's tip. I did have to guide the fish into very shallow water,
    and then use my trout net as a spatula to left him. I would have had to cut
    him into sections in order to fit him in the net...LOL! After showing that
    picture to the owner of the Sporting Gentleman fly shop yesterday, I earned
    myself a place on the store's wall of pictures !

    I've discovered that there are more than a few bamboo rod makers working
    in the U.S. right now, and some of them have very affordable rods....

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    Default Re: Trout Pics...Caught on my New Bamboo

    A while ago I was talking with a rod builder who was going to make a 1WT boo for me. I was all set to go then the job issue came up (I was laid off). So until I can get back working I don't feel it is the best thing to spend money on new toys. Heck I am just thankful that I can still go fish!

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    I'm so glad that you like your Bamboo rod. It looks beautiful in the pix.
    I always wondered why the Sage Fli was that color, maybe to imitate a Boo rod?
    I'll have to take a second look at the bamboo rods. I thought they were heavy and wimpy. I'll have to check them out again.

    "People are crazy, times are strange"
    "I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range"
    "I used to care, but things have changed"
    - Dylan

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    Default Re: Trout Pics...Caught on my New Bamboo

    Hi Richard,
    I decided to pull the Parks out last night (hadn't seen it in 2 days), and was
    thrilled by its looks! I ran my hand along its finish, assembled both tip, and
    then put it back in its sock . Graphite never gave me that fuzzy feeling...

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    Default Re: Trout Pics...Caught on my New Bamboo

    Nice brown...try taking the hook out of their mouths while still in the net & water, they won't squirm and flap around as much...


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    Nice rod, I've been fishing a 30 year old Orvis bamboo rod and its my favorite rod. Largest fish I ever caught on it was a 20 inch rainbow. I love bamboo, have a coustom made bamboo Ipe long bow and shoot bone nocked bamboo arrows with knapped stone points.

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    Default Re: Trout Pics...Caught on my New Bamboo

    Different part of the US ... wait till you get your first Boo Spey Rod. A whole new world in front of you on the river. Swish, line goes out, you 'anticipate.' It really was a silk line ....
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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