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FrankB2 05-31-2009 08:14 PM

Trout Pics...Caught on my New Bamboo
After stopping by the Sporting Gentleman fly shop to look at the dozens of
bamboo rods they have, we stopped by Ridley Creek to have a go at the
trout with our new Lew Parks 7' 4wt split cane rod. The section I fished
was ff'ing only/catch and release, so I decided to show them something they
might not have seen a zillion times in the past few months. I decided on a
#16 Chan's Chronimid (gold bead, white antron gills and tail section, peacock
herl throax, and red thread body), and they starting taking it pretty quick!

Here are some pics:

Hard to Hold :D

Here's a video: Click Here

We have caught plenty of crappie, bluegill, and perch on the bamboo rod
in the past 10 days, but these are the first trout. It was a splendid outing :D . My wife didn't fish (strained her ankle wading yesterday), but
she served as cameraman.

dshort 05-31-2009 08:24 PM

Re: Trout Pics...Caught on my New Bamboo
Nice work. What kind of line are you throwing on that new cane rod?

FrankB2 05-31-2009 08:27 PM

Re: Trout Pics...Caught on my New Bamboo
SA Mastery Trout WF. I have the same line in a DT, but haven't bothered to
try it yet. It's a really great rod to cast, and the ff'ing experience takes on
a whole different aura. I love it!

That wiggly brown wouldn't hold still long enough to get the hook out, and
I was beginning to think he'd never calm down :eek: !

mcnerney 05-31-2009 09:14 PM

Re: Trout Pics...Caught on my New Bamboo
Frank: Nice fish! When I first saw you with the bamboo rod I was wondering how you pried that out of your wife's hands, then the last sentence explained it.
Nice looking rod.


Davo 05-31-2009 09:15 PM

Re: Trout Pics...Caught on my New Bamboo
Hi Frank

Nice post. Good video too. I've fished there a few times while I was at Villanova. Good spot.

FrankB2 05-31-2009 10:07 PM

Re: Trout Pics...Caught on my New Bamboo
Hey Davo!
I never even saw Ridley Creek until this past March! They say it'll fish well
throughout the summer, unless the temp reaches near 100* for a couple
weeks. Sounds like a party to me :D !

Davo 05-31-2009 10:15 PM

Re: Trout Pics...Caught on my New Bamboo
If I recall right Frank they stock that aeveral times a summer. The Fly Shop in Media usually knows when they have stocked it. Sorry I don't remember the name of the shop.

FrankB2 05-31-2009 10:22 PM

Re: Trout Pics...Caught on my New Bamboo
Yeah...."They" is Barry, the owner of the Sporting Gentleman in Media. That
shop is busy all the time, but the creek is only a few minutes away. The
water temp was relatively cold on Ridley Creek today, and we plan to hit
it whenever possible this summer. Seeing other fly anglers is a refreshing
change of pace for us: they're a rare sight where I live in Lower Bucks
County, and I see maybe one every two months :eek: . Not only did Ridley
Creek have flyfisherman today, there was a flyfisherbabe just downstream
of me. I couldn't convince my wife to take a picture of her, however :D .
She caught a really nice brown BTW!

Davo 05-31-2009 11:07 PM

Re: Trout Pics...Caught on my New Bamboo

Sweet. I hooked my brother in law up with a 4wt from that shop years ago. It was his wedding present from me. He and my sister lived in Media at the time. When she would let him go fishing we would hit Riddly, or French Creek(out by Brandywine), and Tulpohocken Creek( in Reading), not to mention Valley Creek.

FrankB2 05-31-2009 11:11 PM

Re: Trout Pics...Caught on my New Bamboo
Nice :) ! Barry and his people are a real class act! Barry says he's going to
turn the shop over to his daughter sometime soon, but I don't know when.
There's another woman who works there (Mary), and she was an entomologist
before retiring. A graceful lady, Mary is an encyclopedia of ff'ing/tying/gear

EDIT: Barry had two bamboo rods strung up behind the counter today, and he said one was
close to a hundred years old! He intends to fish both of them this week, likely tomorrow since they'll
be closed.

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