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    I fished a small trout stream for a couple hours, and then fished a big river, Susquehanna, for a couple hours.
    I caught 9 trout and 100 chubs with my 1wt in the trout creek. And then I caught 2 smallmouth bass and 2 rockbass with my 8wt in a huge river.
    Trout are much more fun to catch. The river is polluted with brown, smelly water and has a muddy bottom with lots of bait chuckin' people and lot's of trash all over the place. The river people are likely to throw a beer can at me if I wade too close to their baited treble hooks!!
    The trout streams are pristine with beautiful scenery and with a little rod, they fight more than the river fish.
    I'm still workin' on the pix....... so far this is the only thing I get. I purchased a Mac, and I still don't know how to send to forums yet!! But the Mac pix and the way they come through on e-mail is a beautiful thing. Maybe I'll read the "Getting Started with a Mac" tonight?
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    Hi FlyRichardFly,

    Here is a FAQ post that shows you several ways to post a photo on NAFFF.


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    100 chubs in a couple of hours that's a world record!
    that's 0.83 chub per minute
    sorry I've forgotten the nine trout

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