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    Alright, so I'm really new to fly fishing. So far I'm loving it even though I lose an average of ten flies to snags ever time I go! The thing I am most confused about is the tipit. How long does it need to be? What size should I be using? Where should I attach the leader? Where does the strike indicator go? etc...... Any info would be great! Thanks for the help!

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    Tippet materials vary in size, 0x to 7,8,9x etc--- the higher you go, the smaller the tippet material gets. For most trout you can survive with 5 or 6x tippet. Therefore the trick is making sure your leader gets to that 6x as smoothly as possible. Having multiple sizes, say for trout, 3,4,5,6x allows you to tie tippet onto your leader matching its diameter with that of your tippet. This allows you to essentially create your own leader therefore not losing the ability to properly cast that leader due to your tying on too large (or small) of tippet at the point you last cut your leader. As leaders are tapered, you must choose the right tippet for the point which you last cut.

    As for strike indicators---You can find that indicators actually inhibit your drift in some situations and don't allow your flies to act as the might without---Just my two cents. At any rate if you are to use one, simply place it on your leader at a depth where you feel it will reach the fish and flow naturally. In fast water increase that depth in order to allow your wets to get down deeper, in slow water, the depth can be decreased as the fly is able to get down a little easier. Hopefully this all helps. But remember, your presentation is the key, this involved skilled casting and mending of your line. Presentation catches more fish than any indicator ever will.

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    Hi Bell,

    You may benefit from a good all around fly fishing book like Ultimate Guide to fly fishing by Lefty Kreh. If you are interest in particular types of fishing like Nymphs, there are some good specific books out there.

    Take a look at this FAQ post and see if it doesn't help answer some of your questions. The chart gives some good information about leaders and what tippet size for your fly size. Here is another FAQ with similar information.

    Ultimate Guide to Fly Fishing, Kreh

    LEFTY KREH'S ULTIMATE GUIDE TO FLY FISHING AN ABSOLUTE WEALTH OF INFORMATION THAT ALL FRESH & SALTWATER FLY FISHERS NEED TO KNOW. It's about everything to include selecting equipment, basic thru advanced casting, approaching fish and presenting flies, techniques for fly fishing trout to tarpon, fly design and selection, fishing all manner of fresh & saltwater. Softbound, big 8-1/2" x 11", 406-pgs.

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