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    Default What flys should this newbie buy?

    Since you all have done such a fine job of helping me get outfitted with the finest gear, i thought you may have some tips on flys. Ill be fishing for smallies mostly with some trout thrown in. Im not sure of what type to buy or if there are any kits that would cover the bread and butter flys. The only thing i know is that these little guys get expensive!
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    Default Re: What flys should this newbie buy?

    For smallies go with clousers or crayfish patterns and for trout it all depends on the bug life in your area. Check with your local fly shop for tips on what works well in local rivers.
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    Default Re: What flys should this newbie buy?

    Crayfish patterns produce well for smallies but they're a bit tough to fish. Buy some poppers, Clousers, and bead/conehead buggers. Fish the latter two to make them behave like minnows, and make the poppers move just enough to look like its a crippled critter thats not quite dead yet but real close.

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    Default Re: What flys should this newbie buy?

    Heres a sneak peek Hodge of what I tied up for you, They should reach you next week, hope you like and enjoy. Theres alittle of everything, bass flies, clousers, foam bugs,estez eggs, suckerspawns,stone flies, brown woolybugger. These should catch you some smallies for sure, its what georgemcfly and I use alot for them.
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    Default Re: What flys should this newbie buy?

    I've got no experience with smallies. Just chiming-in because we had a presentation at our FF Club by a smallie guide from eastern Oregon. He brought about 8 flies. All of them big ones. He had crayfish; frog; mouse; poppers; that's all I remember but there were a few others. The thing that I remember the most was fishing the mouse by thowing it on rock ledges and pulling it in the stream like it had just fallen in the water. Same with bouncing it off logs. Another favorite was pulling it across foam.

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    Default Re: What flys should this newbie buy?

    For smallies, a new fly fisherman really should have some foam spiders. They catch fish! LM and SM and gills and rock bass... They just kill em! Get Kruggy to tie you a few in black with red thread if He's helpin ya. Nice assprtment there already!

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    Default Re: What flys should this newbie buy?

    Those white streamer flys are really hot for red devils and peacock bass right now.... Nice.
    That frog looks just like Kermit.

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    Thumbs up Re: What flys should this newbie buy?

    I would like to take this oportunity to personaly thank kruggy. It is gentlemen like he, who help insure the future of our sport. Thank you much for taking the time to hand tie flys for a complete stranger who is completly new to this wodnerful sport! I can only hope that i can help a beginer out like this at some point...after i learn a thing or two that is!
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    Default Re: What flys should this newbie buy?

    Wooly Buggers, Clousers, and some more Wooly Buggers. The nice thing about
    these two patterns is that they are VERY easy to tie yourself. A $12 vise, and
    $50 worth of materials will have you tying these two patterns.

    P.S. I'd skip Clousers with lead dumb bell eyes. They make a horrible crashing sound when (not if) they
    hit the rod tip . I use bead chain eyes on clousers, and when they hit the rod (rarely now), it's not a

    P.P.S. Nice work, Kruggy ! I rep'd you up for that kind gesture !

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    Default Re: What flys should this newbie buy?

    1. Yellow and chartreuse slider or Sneaky Pete #8, 10
    2. Black Wooly Bugger #4, 6
    3. Crayfish (natural brown and weighted) #6
    4. Gold ribbed hairs ear #12 and small Thing-ma-bobber.

    1. Top-water swim, 2. Mid-depth strip, 3. Bottom crawl 4. Suspended drift

    Should be able to catch small-mouth anywhere with these.

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