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    Default Fishing in Connecticut

    I am an avid flyfisherman from Colorado. Will be goint to Connecticut in the Danbury area soon. Will need a break from my in-laws. Any recommendations on places to fish for trout in mid June? Also, what patterns fish well?

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    Check out the Housatonic River Trout Mgt. Area in Cornwall, has been fishing excellent this year. Its listed as one of the best 100 Streams in America...and on this years National TU Calendar - June's photo just happens to be the Housy. In terms of flies.....either go to the Housatonic River Outfitters website, or Housatonic Meadows Fly Shop website (both shops are within a mile of each other in Cornwall).....they have the daily reports and list of flies to use. It is one beautiful stream. I'm from NY so I haven't ventured farther than the Housatonic - but the Farmington River is another one you may want to check out.

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    Default Re: Fishing in Connecticut

    Walter gave you great advice.

    General overviews
    Fly Fishing the Housatonic River in Connecticut
    Fly Fishing the Farmington River in Connecticut

    Fly shops and detailed info for the Hoosie:
    Housatonic River Fly Fishing Fly Fishing Housatonic River Housatonic River Outfitters Flyfishing Guided Flyfishing Hiking Camping Climbing Mail Order Connecticut Massachusetts (Housatonic River Outfitters, good info on hatches on different parts of the hoosie and recommended patterns and a link for reports on the Farmington too)

    You may run into heavy hatches of Zebra Caddis midday through afternoons on the Hoosie. It’s large, size 10-12. Try a fluttering caddis style pattern with gray body, brown mottled wings and brown hackle for the dry size 10-12, or swing big size 6-10 Brown and Blue Deep/Emergent Sparkle pupa (body mix of olive brown and blue, bubble light tan, light brown wings of deer hair or lemon wood duck and head of dark purple marabou or dubbing or black bead.) these can also be great for smallmouth if you fish warmer water sections.


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    Default Re: Fishing in Connecticut

    Hey BJ,

    I'll be thinking about you back here in Colorado. Don't forget to take some pictures of the scenery to show off to those of us stuck in runoff mode back here. That is if your inlaws drive you to the river before they drive you nuts first.

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