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Thread: Name This Moth

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    Default Name This Moth

    I was up in Maine the past 2 weeks Salmon fishing. The weather was decent the first week & we had a fairly good Henderson Hatch & caught fish on Nymphs, Emergers, Duns, & Spinners as the Hatch progressed, The Weather turned to rain the second week but The Caddis started coming off & we caught fish on them, The Landlocks weren't big this year & I caught a few racers but there were more fish in the river to even it out. Even the smaller Landlocks put up 1 hell of a fight....
    I'm attaching a few photos of some of the insect life I spotted So see if you can identify them . I know the first one but I couldn't identify the moth. It had a wing span of over 2 inches. I checked the bug books I had & couldn't find it
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    My guess for the moth would be Smerinthus cerisyi (One-eyed sphinx). This is just a guess I am not a moth expert or anything.

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    Default Re: Name This Moth


    Very cool that you took the time to snap a photo of the moth. I like neat bugs. No book handy, I think I've seen that one years ago, it sounds like Sasha has it close enough for me. I vote to call it the One Eyed Sphinx.

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    Default Re: Name This Moth

    It may also be the Eyed Hawkmoth, Smerinthus ocellata. Both moths look essentially the same. Cool picture. I just double checked before hitting the submit button and found out the Eyed Hawkmoth is European. Cancel my guess. My bad.

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