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Thread: Tippet material

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    OK, bear with me...

    I just got some streamers (Mickey Fins, Little Brown, Rainbow and Brook Trout, among others). More importantly, they are from #10-#6. I've seen a couple of guides concerning tippet material sizes for different size hook. With this said, the largest tippet material size I have is 3X. Is this large enough to turn over a #6 streamer? I've seen some that stated yes and no.

    If not, I have some Flouro in 6lb test (regular fishing line that I used to use as leader material for my light and ultra light spinning outfit). Can this be used?

    AND, if so, I have furled leaders without the metal ring at the tippet end. I have read where using flouro can cut the mono (these are not thread-based leaders). Is this a problem?

    So for hitting with so many questions, but I'm eager to try these streamers, and perhaps tie some of my my own little twisted style.

    Thanx a bunch. Da Ax.
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    ABSOLUTELY! on everything. 3X is a 6lb so to speak (depending on different manufacturers) And I use 6 lb Fluoro all the time. Much cheaper than tippet. Bigger diameter pound for pound, but with the size flies you are talking, so what.

    It will depend on the fish you are going after. If I am fishing Wipers, I would be using the same size flies but I would probably use 8 lb to 10 lb. same with CARP.

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