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Thread: New To Fly Fishing

  1. Default New To Fly Fishing

    Moved out of the city to Bucks County Pa. Always enjoyed the outdoors, Mt & Road Biking, hiking, golf, etc.,

    Recently I have become very interested in Fly Fishing (I'm not a fisherman) b/ of the challenge, the tranquility, excitement, beauty, etc.,

    Would this be everything I need:
    Cabela's Genesis™ Fly-Fishing Outfits

    To go along with this: Flyfishing: First Cast to First Fish: Joseph F. Petralia, Jill Applegate, Chickering Nelson: Books

    Any tips?



    Thank you in advance for advice!

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    Default Re: New To Fly Fishing

    Hey Jack Straw, welcome to the forum.

    I’m not familiar with that particular book, but this one is gives a pretty good overview: The L.L. Bean Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing (L. L. Bean): Macauley Lord, Dick Talleur, Dave Whitlock: Books

    The Genesis outfit is a great way to get started at a low cost. If you were to go that route, I’d suggest the 9 foot 5 weight in a four piece for 159. The added convenience of the four piece model (for air line travel and being able to hide it in the car) is worth the extra 10 bucks over the 2 piece, and you won’t sacrifice anything in terms of action. Another option is the Quest outfitt from LL Bean for around 100 (for rod, reel, line and rod tube). If you wanted to just get started, and give fly fishing a shot to see if you like it, for the price either one is tough to beat.

    Another option, just to throw it out there, is to consider buying an outfit from a local fly shop. It will likely cost you more than the Genesis package, but you’ll have something that you can grow into longer term without feeling the need to upgrade as soon if you stick with it. Prices for the same products are competitive with places like Cabelas, The downside with shops is that the range of products they carry is more limited, and they may not have the same kind of deal as the Genesis package for the same price point (though they might have something comparable like a Scientifc Anglers or Cortland outfit for 100 or so for rod reel and line). But the advantage, and it’s a HUGE one for someone starting out, is that they give more personalized service and are often willing to take you out back and give some freebie casting lessons to get you started, help rigging and local expertise on the streams you’ll be fishing. Examples of very good quality entry level brands and models of rods that many shops carry are Redington Red Fly, TFO Pro series etc. that will run 100-150 for the rod alone. Add a reel for around 40 or so, and a line for 30-40 from Scientific Anglers or Rio and you’ll have a rocking outfit. I would consider setting a budget and looking at a local fly shop first to see if they can put something together for you, especially if they are near your home waters that you’ll be fishing a lot and are reasonably sure this is something you’re going to get into. Most shops also offer beginning “schools”- from basics of casting to on-water instruction. They may also have deals on used equipment that will be a great way to get better quality gear at a reduced price that may be in your budget.

    As far as more info, try browsing some of the stuff in the FAQ section of this site and some of the past threads on the forum. Lot’s of stuff to absorb that might be helpful.

    And another thing I always recommend is looking into local fly fishing groups near you. Most have casting clinics, informative meetings, group trips to local waters and it’s a great way to jump start your “career”:

    For local Trout Unlimited chapters
    Council/Chapter Search | Trout Unlimited - Conserving coldwater fisheries

    For clubs affiliated with the Federation of Fly Fishers
    Locate a Club

    Good luck, keep asking questions as they come up for you—lot’s of helpful folks here that can help get you started.


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