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Thread: Google Earth

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    I wanted to start a thread on some tricks, tips, and tactics on using Google Earth for a fly fishing journal.

    Does anyone use it for tracking fishing spots and scouting new ones?

    I am just starting to flirt with it, but it seems to me that with a little practice, this would be an ideal tool to be able to track fishing as well as share information with your fishing buddies. I believe you can email locations with placemarks, pictures, and journal information.

    I also found a program that will let you download USGS topo maps to any area. Free USGS Topo Maps & USGS Quad Index for Topo Maps Here is a little screen capture of what I am talking about.

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    I want to get a GPS handheld and sync it up with Google Earth so I can track where I go.

    Anybody have any cool tips or tricks they want to share?
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    Google earth is neat. Most of the popular places have pictures. I've posted several pictures of my favorite fishing trips and vacation spots. It's kind of fun to go back and check out the places you've lived or visited too.

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    Taking a GPS along is neat. Yes you can save "secret spots" on it. It's also fun to set it up to leave a little "trail" on the map so you can see where you were all day. Google Earth coordinates can be saved also.
    For instance.... here is my "secret" fishing spot.... with pictures.
    Now don't tell anybody.
    21 29'36.07N, 158 02'35.11W

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    Do you have to use panaramio to upload the photo?

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    Yea, I think that's what it's called. It seem like they change how you do it ever so often. LOL
    There is a place to click to "upload Pictures"... Or "post your picture"... or "Post a picture"....... if I can do it, anyone can.

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    Here is a link to an article that I found while messing around with GE. It is kind of an interesting read.

    American Angler, Fly Fishing, Flyfishing, Fly-Fishing, Fly Fishing Magazine, Fly Shops, Trout Fishing - Googling the Backcountry

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    I use Google earth to explore new waters but Microsoft version of Google earth is a lot better.

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    i use google earth quite a bit for preliminary map research, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty and gps work, noaa charts, and so forth; i use delorme topo usa 7.0. delorme makes virtually all the mapping software for the gis system and dept of defense. and topo usa 7.0 is their latest and greatest consumer product. it costs less than $100 and loads entirely onto your computer. if you've ever bought or seen one of those state gazetteer topo map books, that is exactly what you get in topo usa 7.0, but for the entire country. then you get $100 worth of credit to download additional products (noaa charts, hi-res imagery/maps, etc.) from the delorme database. it interfaces directly to almost any mainstream gps.

    if you want to share pics and secret fishing spots with the universe, google earth is far superior. but if you want an up-to-date, accurate topo map of every trail on public land, every public boat ramp, every public restroom, every campground, etc. in the country without connecting to the net and for the cost of about 3 state gazetteers; then topo usa rocks!

    where google earth is really useful for me is in locating places quickly and putting them in their regional context (ie. how far is harlingen from corpus christi and what highway takes you there) when i'm already on-line, quick info bites about places on the maps, and some of the other interactive features while already on the internet. that's handy for writing projects and to a lesser extent for trip planning. but when i go to print maps that i'm going to carry with me to the backcountry, i always turn to my delorme software.

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    Good call on bringing up Google Earth. I have been using it now for about six months to scout out new (and even familiar) spots. Just being able to have a clue where roads head or where trails lead to can save you a lot of time bushwhacking for nothing.

    I just downloaded the mapfinder - WOW. One of the best tips I have gotten in months. This is a great tool that I will use more than once this summer. Thanks for the tip.

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    I haven't used it for fishing, but was a little freaked out when I saw the panaromic view that showed a flower vase inside one of my house's
    windows !

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