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beninfl 01-30-2011 10:42 PM

Fly Fishing Survey

I'm a student at Cornell University (and fellow angler) and I'm doing some research on the fly fishing industry. I've created a short survey about what drives purchasing of fly rods and would really appreciate your input.

It will take you a maximum of 2 minutes.

Link removed by Hardyreels, see post below.
Thanks in advance!

Ard 01-31-2011 01:34 AM

Re: Fly Fishing Survey
I am not sure how to handle surveys of our forum members as yours is the first I have ever ran across. I wish that you would have have considered asking the forum management prior to placing a link to a survey into our threads with your first post. This would have been the proper approach especially if your specific intent when you registered was to post a survey link.

I hope you understand my concerns here, now instead of our determining how to deal with surveys prior to them being posted we have to work backward to find the policy regarding them. Trying to determine whether your post is part of a graduate studies course requirement or if you are actually a marketing entity looking to membership as a tool gives me an uneasy feeling about such posts. We have a system for taking polls for members to use and I would prefer that you take that option until I have discussed this with our management. I am removing your link until we sort this out.

For the time being I would suggest that you ask members who would be interested in participating in the survey to contact you via our PM system and you can provide them the link privately.

Sorry for any inconvenience,



Biggie 01-31-2011 01:57 PM

Re: Fly Fishing Survey
I don't see what the problem with a survey is. It may have been the first post but it appeared to me the poster was upfront and told us that it was for a school project.

Beninfl, you can send me the link via PM if you wish, especially since the moderators think you are trying to pull something fishy!

sxm 01-31-2011 02:01 PM

Re: Fly Fishing Survey
...and if it is from a company, perhaps our input can be of value, to both the company and us fly fishermen.

gt05254 01-31-2011 02:08 PM

As a Cornell graduate (wildlife science, '81), I'd be happy to look at the survey. Feel free to pm me.

Ard - is he/she going to be able to pm with so few posts?


ausablebrown 01-31-2011 02:12 PM

Re: Fly Fishing Survey
Or he could be working for ABEL trying to figure out how to squeeze an extra franklin out of a pair of fingernail clippers... (not saying you are, just using the opportunity to take another stabe at ABEL'S ridiculous prices!)

gt05254 01-31-2011 02:18 PM

laughing out loud
AusableBrown - give it up! Geez, those poor guys at Abel are just trying to make an honest buck. roflmao!
and I really am LOL, since you and I have gone around the barn once about a student and his question...said "around the barn" getting deleted by the moderators.

I have it on perfect authority (that would be me, lol again) that NO ONE would ever DARE use the name of Cornell as subterfuge in order to pick an honest fly fishers pocket!

still chuckling,

ausablebrown 01-31-2011 02:40 PM

Re: Fly Fishing Survey
I'm not so sure Gary; anyone unscrupulous enough to sell a pair for fingernail clippers at a 2000% profit margin just might take the name of Cornell in vain also...

You plan your Ausable Trip yet Gary?

Original Poster: BTW, pm me the link, I would be willing to check it out and oblige your request, maybe they are giving away free nippers with every survey!

gt05254 01-31-2011 03:18 PM

here's hoping...
that the powers that be allow the survey link to be posted, and that as importantly, we get to see the results of the survey.

ausablebrown - check your pm's.


dave5977 01-31-2011 03:19 PM

Re: Fly Fishing Survey
Well, perhaps beninfl had seen these two animations about buying a new rod and reel. " The high cost of better technology? "... Maybe the survey is about how accurate these videos are. If it's true, then that could explain Abel's $50 nippers! :icon_wink

A New Fly Rod

A new fly reel

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