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  1. Default Have you doubled up?


    So I did a search back to the end of April and couldn't find any thread about this and beings that it happened to me last weekend, it was on my mind. I have doubled up twice on a river, but I doubled up on stillwater last weekend and brought in over seven pounds of fish at one time. It was pretty amazing.

    Simple yes or no poll question, but feel free to share your experience if it is a yes.

    BTW, if you aren't sure what I mean by doubled up, then it is probably safe to say "No" to the poll.

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    Default Re: Have you doubled up?

    I never have I have been with my dad when he has and I remember seeing a post a day or so back when a guy was talking about it I think it would be pretty neat I still cant wrap my mind around why the bigger one just wouldent let go lol I guess its the same thinking of trapping a **** by his paw

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    Default Re: Have you doubled up?

    I fish droppers in the salt most of the time.
    On one occasion I caught doubles three casts in a row.... small schooling fish.
    My 'best' double was a sight cast to a pair of 25" fish cruising in the curl of a wave.
    It was a struggle to get them in and I never intentionally did that again
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    Default Re: Have you doubled up?

    Let me qualify this:

    It was not with a fly rod. I was fishing an abandoned quarry near my home with two of my buddies. I was 12 or 13 at the time. I was using a medium weight spinning outfit with a rig on it that had two hooks. Can't recall the name of the rig, but it had a weight at the bottom and two branches along the mainline that held line on each branch for a hook.

    Anywho, I put an earthworm on each hook and cast it out in the pool. Almost immediately, something hit it. While reeling it in, it got noticably heavier. When I got it in, I had an 8 inch blugill on each hook. My friend said he would never have believed it had he not seen it himself.
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  5. Default Re: Have you doubled up?

    My first double was on the Blacksmith River south of Logan Utah. My fishing buddy had his family up for a visit and his two brothers wanted to go fly fishing. Neither of them had any experience, so my buddy asked if I would take one brother and he would take the other.

    The brother I took was a little bummed because his two brothers were in a little bit wider spot on the river that was calmer water and looked (at least to him) that it had more fish. I assured him there were plenty of fish in the river and I was going to introduce him to the words seam and foam. I took him to a little spot that had a real nice seam that bled out to a little foam eddy. I had a red humpy and a griffiths gnat tied about 2' apart.

    The humpy landed right in the seam and the gnat was about 12" into the calmer side of the seam. You would have thought these fish were practicing synchronized swimming. At the exact same time, you see two fish come up and strike each fly. They must have swam opposite direction under water, because they both set the hook on each other. Buddy's little brother and I both just kind of froze for two or three seconds wondering if that really just happened.

    Needless to say, he was happy to fish the seam and was content to let his other brothers fish the flat, calm spot.

  6. Default Re: Have you doubled up?

    I've had this happen a number of time with panfish, but rarely with anything else (never with trout).

    The most memorable occasion (and also the first) came when two small smallmouths got on. It was a confusing fight. At first they pulled the same direction, and I thought I had something mammoth on. Then the fight was lighter, but still going, and I couldn't figure out what happened. I brought them in pretty quickly (I think they tired each other out swimming opposite directions). I wasn't disappointed that I hadn't caught a big fish -- I thought catching two smallies at once was even cooler!

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    Default Re: Have you doubled up?

    Yes indeed! But I don't look for it because it's hard to land them as quickly as would be good for the fish. Long ago, I broke off a big brown with a rainbow attached to him. Not a good deal.

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    Default Re: Have you doubled up?

    The last time the wife and I floated the AuSable below Mio I had two doubles. That was a first for me, and a It was a hoot with the 4wt.


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    Default Re: Have you doubled up?

    I did only if you count the brown that had the brookie in his mouth when I landed them both in the net! lol That really did happen but I've never caught a double. I do need to put a dropper on more often and see if I can do it!
    "I fish because I love to; because I love the environs where trout are found; because trout do not lie or cheat and cannot be bought or bribed or impressed by power, but respond only to quietude and humility and endless patience...because only in the woods can I find solitude without lonliness..." Robert Traver 1964 (Judge John Voelker)

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    Default Re: Have you doubled up?

    I have been doubled up one time. I have only been fly fishing for about 8 months now. About a month ago I was fishing a sulphur dry and a pheasant tail nymph as a dropper. I had a nice 14 inch brown take the dry fly, and at some point during the fight I noticed an odd swirl of water around the general area of the fish I was fighting. I didn’t think much about it until I noticed shortly after the mysterious swirl that my fish seamed heaver! As I got the fish in closer I notice another fish following directly behind the larger 14 inch brown. Then I realized what had happened. Apparently a smaller brown didn’t have a problem feeding close to one of his brothers in an obvious struggle?? I love fly fishing!

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