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    Default Good float rivers around Yellowstone

    As some of you know I will be in Yellowstone for the summer. More specifically July 1 through October 5. I should have a new boat by then (which by the way I am agonizing about whether to go with a raft or fiberglass) so I am looking for the must float rivers. Right now my list includes the Big Hole, the Beaverhead, the Yellowstone, the lower Madison and if I have time the Henry's Fork. Anyone have any ideas of other rivers I need to fish this summer? As I said I will be in the park but I would be willing to make a weekend trip out of it. Oh, and I will have a buddy that's working at A Bar A Ranch so I'm going to try and fish the North Platte. I'm not looking for anyone's secret spots, just asking to be pointed in the right direction.

    P.S. If there is anyone around these rivers that know them well I'll man the oar's the whole way in exchange for pointing me down the runs.

    Thanks, Wilson

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    Default Re: Good float rivers around Yellowstone


    The A Bar A ranch is where I caught my first trout when I was a kid. Great place!! As for rivers to float I would recommend the Snake and the South Fork of the Snake as well as the Upper Green. You should give a shout when you get out here. Maybe we can hook up for some fishing while your here.

    Don't know if your interested or not but I still have my old boat. It is a 90 16ft Lavro outfitters dory. I'm looking to unload it for 2500.00. Thats trailer boat oars anchor and spare tire included
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