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Thread: Storage Ideas for Fly Inventory

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    I sometimes use a pencil box that kids use for pencils, colors and the like...they sell them at Wal-Mart. I wait until they go on clearance after school starts, and buy several. I have also used a plastic box that is fairly large and flat to store flies in. What I do for both type boxes is I get foam from the craft store, use white Gorilla Glue and glue in top and bottom of the container. Then I just add flies when I make them. I also bought a bunch of vcr boxes on Ebay a while back...and I use those for giving people flies, or fly swaps sometimes. (depending on the size of the flies) I make a lot of streamers, so this type box is perfect for that.
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    Never thought of the vcr box...........gonna get in trouble with wifey over this one.

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