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    Default Dyna-King Trekker Vise

    picked up a Dyna-King Trekker Vise about a week ago and was cleaning and lubing it today. on the back side of the jaws where it slides on the cam there is a hole in the actual jaw. is there suposed to be a pin/ball bearing and spring in this hole?

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    Default Re: Dyna-King Trekker Vise

    I have the same vise. It's a great vise, I would highly recommend it to anyone.

    I just checked mine and it has the same hole and there is nothing as far as springs, pins or any other mechanical part. My guess would be that it used during the machining process to hold it in the lathe or milling machine.

    Good luck with the vise. I've had mine for a while now and have absolutely no complaints at all. I can CRUSH a streamer hook in it and then go right to a #22 with no hassle at all.

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    Default Re: Dyna-King Trekker Vise

    Great vises; I use my buddies quite a bit though I have a Renzetti 4000 myself. I tried to tie on a Barracuda once; that vise is SOOOOO BIG!! It felt like some kind of joke. Like I was wearing clown shoes or something. I don't know why a vise would ever have to be that large. It was nearly impossible to do any delicate work with the rotary function due to the sheer effort that it took to turn the shaft. The trekker on the other hand... A++++. After using my friends, I'd trade my 4000 for one in a heartbeat.

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    Because it looks cooler on your desk silly. But seriously it is a great vise, I had one and then moved on to one that a rep gave me. But it is great.
    Stay bent..............

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    Default Re: Dyna-King Trekker Vise

    thanks for the replies. i wasnt sure if i lost something when i cleaned it. i went from a cabelas economy vise to this one and of course its like night and day, i love it.

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    Default Re: Dyna-King Trekker Vise

    No worries...mine is like that too. As a side note, i LOVE my vice. I have the barracuda jr. and it is totally awesome. Best in any class IMHO

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    Default Re: Dyna-King Trekker Vise

    For what it's worth, I've used one for years, great vice.
    I did buy midge jaws for it, as well as a pivot joint so I can tip the rotary head up and down for a better angle. To me, this was the final touch.


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