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    As someone who in the past year just got back into tying after several decades absence from it - and remembering that my first "starter's kit" many years ago had a bunch of materials that I never needed and not much of what I did - I agree with the others who suggest buying a few quality tools and only those materials that you need to tie what you're going to be tying initially. You can always add materials as your skills develop to allowing you to tie more sophisticated flies requiring different materials.

    Where I do disagree is with those of the "build your own kit" posters suggesting $100+ vises, since by definition a beginner is not sure how well he will stick with fly-tying, so it really isn't prudent to be laying out $100+ for a vise that may end up hardly ever being used. For myself, after reviewing several comprehensive vise reviews (Selecting the best fly-tying vise, by Hans Weilenmann and Bruce Salzburg & Fly Tying Vises, The Fly Fish Ohio Shoot-Out Review Summary), I ended up buying a Danica Danvise which can currently be bought new with explanatory DVD for under $70 (J. Stockard) but has true rotary capability, ball-bearing construction, bobbin holder and many other features normally only found on high-end vises costing several times as much. And just as importantly for my need to tie small Western tailwater flies, it doesn't require an expensive set of midge jaws (just finished tying a #30 nymph with no jaw slippage problem whatsoever and plenty of room around the hook for the tying process; this after tying a #2/0 large saltwater fly earlier this evening in a fly-tying class).
    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

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    Start with the basic tools a vise, good quality scissors, bobbin, bodkin, hackle pliers and head cement. Then consider the fish your going after and search the net for the patterns they will take in your area. The next step is to do another search for materials used in these patterns and purchase only what you need. The most important thing is to buy quality tools, you don't have to purchase a 350.00 vise but a vise in the 50.00 to 80.00 range is good. Same goes for materials cheap materials are like anything else cheap it a liability when you have the once in a lifetime fish on the line, forget the Walmart $2.19 hooks that look like they will work and just pay 7.50 for the Mustad hooks you know will work. Sewing thread is not the same as tying thread and tying thread cost about the same. Just Don't get cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mnflyfish View Post
    I know, I know......someone asked it again! But what is a good inexpensive starter tying kit. I have looked at alot of them, cabelas, bass pro, orvis, fly shack etc. is there one that is at the head of them all?
    Considering your budget, I would highly recommend you take the time and listen to the episode by Charlie Craven, Fly Tying Techniques You Can't Do Without, that was on last night. Here is a link to the show: Fly Fishing - Internet Radio
    He gives some very good pointers about the basics you need to have when first starting out.


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    I'm in the same boat as you, I have started looking into fly tying but budget is important. I think I've looked at many of the same kits as you have, there is a lot to choose from, its a bit confusing. Keep us posted on what you decide to get.

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