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Thread: New Find

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    As Tiers, I am betting we ALL have tried or are still using UTC Holographic Tinsel. I love the stuff and have it in every color available.
    Holographic Tinsel, New Fly Tying, Home :

    I have seen this anywhere from $1.49 to $2.49 for these spools that hold around 20 YDs of Tinsel.
    Well while I was in Idaho this last weekend, I hit JoAnns and scored big time.

    SULKY Holoshimmer:

    Sulky Holoshimmer, holographic tinsel by another name | Singlebarbed

    These are intense colors and 250 YDS for $3.95!!!!! Thin however, but still awesome on #12 scuds, but PERFECT for smaller flies, and ribs.

    Check out these scissors on this add as well....JOANN'S ROCKS!!!!!

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    Wow, you hit the Mother Lode! I've been using Holographic Tinsel ever since you pointed it out a couple years ago, I love the stuff. I think Cheyenne has a JoAnns, might have to make a trip over there.


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    Oh how I like finds like this. Can't wait to get to Joanns tomorrow. Good one Joni. "Throwing elbows to hold the crowd back" made me laugh.

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    To make this even better, we hit the JoAnns in Idaho Falls and they are in the process of moving so...50% off!!!!! Limited stock though.

    The Burgundy *the fly I tied* was the first one I grabbed...I love that color and I think the fish do as well.

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    Nice find Joni, I guess I will be heading there this weekend.
    Popperfly >-<(((((*>

    Born to Fish...Forced to Work !

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    Just got back from buying Holo Shimmer at JoAnns, and thought that I would post this "URGENT WARNING". You can't make yourself just buy one color. Double Dare you to try.
    There are some neat colors.

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