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kelkay 02-20-2011 12:52 PM

Fly Tyer magazine
I have bought Fly Tyer for quite a while now. I am up for renewal. The last magazine though really was a disappointment to me. I am trying to cut back where I can, and I am toying with the idea of discontinuing my membership. I wish Fly Tyer would have more warm water flies. Sometimes they do have a very good article or two...but a lot of times they don't. If I lived in a place that carried Fly Tyer, I would just buy the ones I find the most interesting. However my town does not carry the mag. I used to go to another city close to an hour away a lot, and always bought the mag. But lately I haven't been going there. The past year I had a subscription, but it is now expired. Thoughts? This is a difficult idea for me to drop it, but I am going to have to cut way back on my tying expenses.

Davo 02-20-2011 01:10 PM

Re: Fly Tyer magazine

If you do decide to discontinue your subscription you can still visit there website and get there articles and fly recipes. Here is the link
Fly Tyer Magazine, Fly Tying, Fly Recipes, Fly Patterns, Fly Fishing - Home

kelkay 02-20-2011 01:28 PM

Re: Fly Tyer magazine
Yes, that is a good idea. I have tons of recipes to keep me busy for a very long time. I just know if I don't redo the subscription something good and new will be in the next issue....rotfl. That's the way it goes. I tie a wide variety of flies, and mostly what I tie I have found off the internet.

Pocono 02-20-2011 02:07 PM

Re: Fly Tyer magazine
Yup - I just saw the next issue at one of my local Fly Shops on Saturday. Guess what's on the cover - a Jock Scott Atlantic Salmon fly!! I zipped off to the PO to see if my issue had arrived.......but it hadn't - maybe Tuesday.

I'd renew......................... :D


tyler185 02-20-2011 03:08 PM

Re: Fly Tyer magazine
I feel like there are plenty of websites that you would be happier with than spending however much it is to buy the magazine....

kelkay 02-20-2011 08:41 PM

Re: Fly Tyer magazine
Thanks for the comments, I do appreciate them very much! :)

EXPATRIATE 02-23-2011 07:35 AM

Re: Fly Tyer magazine
Hello There-Sorry to add my two cents or should I say two pence to the discussion, but I was very disappointed with most of the american mags I reviewed when over there last summer. I found American Angler probably the best, but I suppose I'm a bit spoiled here in england as I buy three and subscribe to a fourth. All have lots of articles on all types of fly fishing-not just for salmon and trout and feature anywhere between thirty-fifty recipes each month. The one I subscribe to I enjoy the most "Total Flyfisher". The others are "Trout and Salmon" which I know is distributed to the USA, Fly Fishing and Fly Tying ditto, and "Trout Fisherman" which is also produced by T&S. They have questions and advice, readers letters and some tastey contests or "competitons" they call them. Just a thought! It may cost a bit more, but I think they may be worth it. What's even better unlike american fly mags these come out each and every month, not bi-monthly. Okay over here the costs average about 3.40( $5.30) and they'll cost more over there, but I think they're still great value.

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And just to add to the sales pitch the contests aren't all that hard as I've won some nice gear just using my fishing knowledge and my trusty pc when I'm stuck for an answer. In just under four years with different magazines I've won a Simms guide Jacket worth $600.oo, Specially made Total Flyfisher fly rod worth $90.oo, set of stillwater flies from Donegal flies worth $150.oo in their own wooden box, and six fly lines weights and types of my own choice and every little bit helps.

kelkay 02-23-2011 08:04 AM

Re: Fly Tyer magazine
Thanks for the recommendations. I am interested in a fly tying magazine only though. I want one that has a fair amount of warm water flies included. I have seen some regular fishing mags here, and they talk mainly about trout. I like trout fishing, but don't live in an area with access to them on a regular basis. The trout here are stocked during the winter, and they are small. There is a place a couple of hours away, but I don't go there often. I have to buy another license to fish there. I will take a look at your suggestions after while. Thanks for the comment.

EXPATRIATE 02-23-2011 09:26 AM

Re: Fly Tyer magazine
Well Kelkay-there isn't that many fish that swim in freshwater and even saltwater that won't take a fly. While fishing for trout I've had perch, walleyes, roach, carp, suckers, whitefish, pike, crappies, bass, and about four different species of sunfish-and except for the bass and panfish they cover those. Though we Do have bass in the sea we don't have panfish here. If you targeted carp you'd find sometimes they can be even more difficult to catch than trout. They have salmon, sea trout, grayling and arctic char in the uk but I haven't fished for them yet!

kelkay 02-23-2011 09:29 AM

Re: Fly Tyer magazine
I agree. I have seen all kinds of fish go after flies. I have never fly fished in salt water. I have conventional fished in the salt water though.

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