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FlyBum 02-20-2011 09:06 PM

Rite Bobbin, Stonfo Elite, or Nor-Vise Bobbin
Well in theory I really like the Nor-vise bobbin, but I want to have a separate bobbin for each of the colors I use most so as to avoid threading a bobbin every time. I know picky maybe even petty.
I just purchased a standard Rite bobbin really like it so far and if the new one with the built in half hitch tool was $30 I'd just get several of those and look no further.

Then there is the Stonfo Elite Bobbin as found here Stonfo Elite Bobbin: Fly Tying Bobbins & Tools, but the only thing that concerns me about it is that it doesn't have a ceramic tube, but according to the guys at the Caddis Fly shop it has some kind of space age material that prevents thread from making a groove. The price is a little better on it and I like the tension nob style.

So what do you all think?

Jimmie 02-20-2011 11:18 PM

Re: Rite Bobbin, Stonfo Elite, or Nor-Vise Bobbin
At a recent tyers demo three out of six tyers were using the Nor Bobbin. That got my attention and I started asking them how they liked them. All of them raved about the Nor. They all had spare spools and loaded them with their power drills. At the price point I think I'll stick with my Tiemco Bobbins which are great.

FlyBum 02-21-2011 08:19 PM

Re: Rite Bobbin, Stonfo Elite, or Nor-Vise Bobbin
Jimmie thanks for the reply, I'm kind of surprised that no one else has had anything to add.

crashfromboston 02-24-2011 09:14 PM

Re: Rite Bobbin, Stonfo Elite, or Nor-Vise Bobbin
I have 4 of norms bobbins. Each loaded with a different thread they cover most of the flies I tie. I don't have a stonfo but I would love to try one. I have 2 rites the magnum and a ceramic for drys. I only use the the rites (mainly the magnum) when I spin deer hair. I would buy a dozen more of norms bobbins if funds allowed. I have no issues with loading spools for them. But I am intrigued with the ekich bobbin now. No loading and similar responsiveness to nor vise . Pricey yes. But how many do you need?

FlyBum 03-02-2011 07:18 PM

Re: Rite Bobbin, Stonfo Elite, or Nor-Vise Bobbin
Well I ordered a Stonfo and really like it. It is comfortable in my hand. The tension adjustment is easier than on the Rite bobbin (I still like the Rite bobbin). At Caddis Fly Shop Stonfos are only $19.95 (Cheaper than a lot of the old style ceramic bobbins). Since the spool is a little wider then the tension adjustment nob the little notch in the spool can hold the thread out of the way while remaining threaded which keeps the thread from getting caught in something else or from slipping out of the thread tube, not a huge advantage, but I like it. It is made in Itally of precise craftmenship like fine Itallian sports cars. The thread to is not ceramic, but it is coated with a space age material that is claimed to be more impervious to grooving even than ceramic, it feels, good in hand. The only negative it only comes in Italian sports car red, but I happen to like red sports cars and bobbins apparently.;)

P.S. why the color changes on the forum I don't like it.:shocking:

Fly2Fish 03-14-2011 11:35 PM

Re: Rite Bobbin, Stonfo Elite, or Nor-Vise Bobbin

Originally Posted by crashfromboston (Post 214823)
. . . But I am intrigued with the ekich bobbin now. No loading and similar responsiveness to nor vise . Pricey yes. But how many do you need?

I have an Ekich bobbin. While I don't have a Nor-Vise bobbin, I also have several Rite Bobbins.

I bought the Ekich bobbin because - unlike the Nor-Vise - it is well-suited to light threads for small (# 22-32) flies. While double the cost of a Nor-Vise (before numerous required extra-cost spools), it also doesn't require extra uniquely-sized spools for spooling different threads on. In addition, the Nor-Vise states in its own literature that it doesn't work well with the lighter threads needed for smaller flies. As for the Rite-Bobbin, while its changeable tension works well for the lighter threads required for mid-20's flies commonly used in tailwaters, changing out a spool for a different color is a nightmare. Pragmatically, you'd need another Rite-Bobbin for each different-colored spool used, since it's such a hassle to change out the spool. This is not the case with the Ekich, as it is easy to change out standard-sized thread spools without the tension-adjusting hassle required of Rite-Bobbins.

As I have mentioned elsewhere on this Forum, I don't have enough experience yet with the Ekich Automatic Bobbin to write a Gear Review on it yet. However, I can certainly say that it has been by far the easiest bobbin to use on light threads like my mid-20s tailwater flies require. It doesn't break these light threads, and with its adjustable tension it's easy to hang on the vise's bobbin holder when not needed. A special word on its tension modulation - this is critical when using super-light threads like required for tiny tailwater flies: there is NO OTHER bobbin that works as well with light threads, PERIOD.

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