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    Default Anyone useing synthetic wings on their drys?

    Just wondering if anyone is or has used a synthetic wing on their classic drys like the adams or humpy. I can never get the wing tip in place properly and struggle with selecting the right size. Any reason i shouldn't use calfs tail or a synthetic white material like that used on a royal wulf?

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    Default Re: Anyone useing synthetic wings on their drys?

    I nearly always use poly yarn for my wings.
    It's easy, the fish don't care, and you can use colors that are more visible .
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    Default Re: Anyone useing synthetic wings on their drys?

    You can use synthetics...quicker,easier,don't twist the tippet,many different colors...I also use cdc to make wings and even tapes to tie garbage bags
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    Default Re: Anyone useing synthetic wings on their drys?

    Liewise^^^. All I'm tying lately are parachutes. I'm using McFlyon in hi-vis colors for the posts. Much easier to see. If all you have are white posts Sharpie is making a new pen called sharpie "Paint" in hi vis colors (pink and orange I know). It does an excellent job coloring the para post.
    At a fly tying demo one of the tyers was using pearl lite brite type material. He would turn it into a translucent sheet with a clothes iron. He would then shape out wings with a wing burner. they looked good. He did some spinner wings the same way.

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