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    Default Wet / Streamer Tie-Along?

    With the Salmon Fly Tie-Along nearing the final turn, I thought it might be fun to tie up some of the wet fly and streamer patterns that we’ll all be fishing in a couple of months. The idea would be to tie up 6 patterns, with a photo step-by-step for each one. The pace for the Salmon Fly Tie-Along has been close to one/month, but since these will be less complex patterns to tie up, I was thinking of one per week. That way we’d be through with all of the patterns just about the time that fishing season opens up on most of the public water streams and lakes.

    Here are the flies that I was thinking about for this tie-along. The first 3 would all be classified as wet flies, the second 3 as streamers.

    1. Partridge and Orange (soft hackle)
    2. Adams (flymph)
    3. Leadwing Coachman (winged wet)
    4. Wooley bugger (streamer)
    5. Picket Pin (hairwing streamer)
    6. Black Ghost (featherwing streamer)

    I was also thinking that we could tie them up going from the least complex patterns to more complex patterns and, at the same time, alternate between wets and streamers, so that we can get a good mix going from the start. With this in mind, I’d suggest that we take the patterns in the following order:

    1. Partridge and Orange
    2. Wooley Bugger
    3. Adams
    4. Picket Pin
    5. Leadwing Coachman
    6. Black Ghost

    If there’s interest in this Wet/Streamer Tie-Along, then I’ll post the details on the patterns and the recipes for each of them, so that you can source any materials that you don’t already have.

    This tie-along is designed for tyers of all skill levels, from beginners (I’ve never tied up a fly in my life, but I sure would like to give it a try), to experts, and everyone in between.

    The start time for posting the first photo step-by-step would be March 1st.

    This is not a fly swap, so you don't have to tie up these patterns for anyone else; you'll be tying them up for yourself; one of each or as many of each as you want to tie/fish.

    As you go along, if you want to post pics of your flies, then that would be a plus, but it's not a requirement.

    Chime in if you’d be interested. I think it’ll be fun!


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    Default Re: Wet / Streamer Tie-Along?

    I'm interested.
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    Default Re: Wet / Streamer Tie-Along?

    Sounds fun......I'm in

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    Default Re: Wet / Streamer Tie-Along?

    Kelkay and Carman9941,

    Welcome to the tie-along!

    Let's see how many others are interested. If we get a good number, then I'll start to post the pattern recipes before this weekend.


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    Default Re: Wet / Streamer Tie-Along?

    Well I am in as well! This'll be just one more thing revving up the engine for the coming spring!

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    Default Re: Wet / Streamer Tie-Along?

    Hi Everyone,

    This is a great opportunity to learn some new techniques. Pocono gives very detailed instructions with pictures that make it very easy to follow. You will get help with material selection and techniques. Take a look at the Salmon Fly Tie Along and you will see the quality photos and instructions. This Tie Along will not be near as dificult as the Salmon Fly Tie Along.

    You will learn how to tie a soft hackle, a winged flymph, a winged wet fly and three different streamers. All of the patterns are proven fies and will be usefull where ever you fish. I see a lot of new fly tiers posting all the time and this will be a great learning experience. I would bet there are a lot of long time tiers that might need some help with a Winged Wet fly like the Lead Wing Coachman. An outstanding wet fly.

    So all of you who think they might like to do this Tie Along but don't think you have the skills, please join in. Its not worth Allan's time and effort if we don't have several members. You can join the list and participate even if you decide not to show your flies. This Tie Along is intended to be instructinal and FUN.


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    Default Re: Wet / Streamer Tie-Along?

    I'll try and participate. Things are going to get busy for me soon so I might not be able to tie all the flies with you guy's but I'll participate when I can

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    Default Re: Wet / Streamer Tie-Along?


    I still owe the last two salmon flies but will post them and tie along with this thread also.


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: Wet / Streamer Tie-Along?

    Allan, Im keen for this one, I still have some salmon flies to do

    "the fight is for habitait. Once its continuation is assured the fish will largely look after themselves." KD

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    Default Re: Wet / Streamer Tie-Along?

    Hello Allan Yes-I have tied all the patterns listed and even the Picket Pin though it's been awhile and I believe I have all the recipes in my notebook and if I don't I'll look them up on the net. So let's go then! And Thanks, Frank. I should think my tying will improve fairly quickly with all the help I'm getting. Here we go then-spending more on fly tying stuff-and LOVING it!

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