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    Default Anyone have a June Bug pattern

    with instructions on how to tie it? I'll be fishing the Clinch River in TN in a couple of weeks and the trout really love this bug up there. Some friends fished there a couple of weeks ago and the trout were full of june bugs!

    This is the only pattern I am missing as I've got all of the others all sorted and ready to go.


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    Default Re: Anyone have a June Bug pattern

    Hook: standard dry fly size 14 (debarbed)

    Thread: brown

    Body: brown or ginger squirrel dubbing

    Back: two strips of craft foam cut wide enough to cover the top of the dubbed body, top strip (yellow) about an 1/8 of an inch narrower than bottom strip (brown).

    Legs: Krystal Flash or other synthetic flash fibers


    Wrap thread to bend of hook. Tie in two strips of foam (narrower yellow strip on bottom). Allow strips to extend past bend of hook. These will be folded over to the eye later. Wrap over foam snugly so that it compresses on hook shank.

    Dub squirrel dubbing onto shank, building up a thick, bulbous body. Fold foam strips over top of dubbing to the eye. Yellow foam will now be on top. Securely wrap and tie in foam with 5-6 turns of thread. Throw in a half hitch or two and trim foam squarely for a head. Leave about a 1/8-inch of foam over the eye. Tie in a few Krystal Flash fibers for legs. Flare them around the outsides. Whip finish and trim legs short. Go fish.

    Note: Trout love these little bugs and often swallow them deeper than other nymphs in their eagerness to snatch them up
    hope this helps

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    Default Re: Anyone have a June Bug pattern

    Thanks, Bono.

    Any others? Maybe with a photo so I can get a better idea of what it is suppose to look like? I'm a newbie to tying so all the help I can get would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Anyone have a June Bug pattern

    That pattern looks almost perfect, though I might substitute ostrich herl for the dubbed body. I also might add a small piece of white or yellow foam on top to make it easier to see.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: Anyone have a June Bug pattern

    would of posted picture dont know how hope that info helped will keep trying with picture, cliff has good advice

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    Default Re: Anyone have a June Bug pattern

    Scott go to this site this is were I got that info for you.

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    Default Re: Anyone have a June Bug pattern

    Thanks, Bono and Cliff!! I'll give it a go as soon as I order the materials.

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