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Thread: Magic tool

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    Default Magic tool

    I was looking on another site about tying craft fur and feathers like hackle. They said to use a magic tool but Im having a hard time finding what a magic tool is and such. Anything anyone?
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    Magic Tool

    This is a link to the magic tool.

    Mike P.

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    i love that tool for cdc.... it works great for tying parchutes with cdc

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    Default Re: Magic tool

    Hi MrEsox,

    [ame=""]Here is a video[/ame] showing how to use the Magic tool.


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    Thanks for the video Frank...I can say now that I will not be using a Magic Tool though, I can see where it would be a great help. When I use large hackles I simply wrap it and wet it as I go to lay the feather back. Lastly I dont trim off the stem since it helps as an anchor the feather. It helps keep some shape to the fly when somthing with big and nasty teeth hits it. Thanks though.
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    I use craft fur quite a bit on the head for big streamers and Tiger musky flies. I just make it into dubbing brush and wrap it on. It markers up really well too so you can make it any color you want.

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    Default Re: Magic tool

    wow, those are some sweet looking flies!
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    Default Re: Magic tool

    Frank - thank you for that link! I have seen that tool used before but never knew what it was. (The link is below to the video that where I first saw it used.)

    But I am really intrigued with this style of fly more than the tool itself. That caddis pattern has to be the simplest fly I've ever seen - one material! - and I bet it fishes great on slack water.

    The parachute pattern he ties is beautiful, too. CDC body, post and hackle. wow. Again, that fly must be really nice on slick piece of water, post hatch.

    And the technique he uses - the split thread loop, that is clean, anyone use that? I tie with Uni thread mostly and am going to move over to my vise to try it out, but I'd love to hear anyone's experience with that technique what thread(s) work best.

    [ame=]YouTube - HMH vise 360 rotation. Fly tying fly fishing[/ame]

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    Default Re: Magic tool

    I've been using the Pettijean Magic tool clips for years. I love them. I posted just recently here: Wrapping marabou, about them. I think they are great.

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    Default Re: Magic tool

    One or two material patterns are great to tie, especially in a production mode. I'd think the CDC fly shown in the video might work better on fast moving water rather than slack water though, because it doesn't have great definition. The slower the water, the more time selective fish have to inspect a fly before slurping it down... just my opinion.

    One of th ebetter two material patterns is the CDC & Elk. [ame=]YouTube - Hans WeilenmannTying a CDC & Elk[/ame] a BIG TIME NOD to my buddy Hans Weilenmann for this fly!

    I've used the split thread method for decades, works great with Danville threads, and you can also use floss if you want to do a split thread body on a wet fly. About the only thread you can't counter spin and split would be something like a GSP, or any other 'spun' thread with a core that's over wrapped wrapped by an outer layer.

    Another old-time common practice was to tie in a 'loop' of fine wire at the end of the body and use it to pinch and spin materials, similar to the split thread method then wrap them forward and tie them off.

    Split thread dubbing, or deer hair or marabou, etc has been acommon practice for a long time, just may not be seen or taught much any more.

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