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    Default Re: Whats your vise?

    I started with a cheapy cabelas vise as well. I used it for roughly 4 years and never had any substantial problems. Sure you couldn't clamp the size >18 very well, but back then i was tying much larger and simpler patterns. I just recently bought a Peak non-rotary vise off ebay for something like $70. I absolutely love it. I tied around 50 steelhead flies over thanksgiving and it was great. The jaws are great, it is built like a rock, and it is simple, which is what i like.

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    Default Re: Whats your vise?

    I've got a Dan-Vise. When I was ready to buy it got the best reviews for its price range. Want to spend a little more the Peak vise got the best reviews.
    The Dan-Vise is going to last me a long time. I'm pleased. I recently bought an extension arm, and some spare jaws for my Dan-Vise which throws it into the next price range anyway.

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    Default Re: Whats your vise?

    I have a vosseler. Bought it because of the jaws and it was a bit different. When it was first introduced it received some good reviews. The handy thing for me is the suction cup base.
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    Default Re: Whats your vise?

    For dries and nymphs I use a Regal Medallion on a stalk with a C-clamp mount. For streamers, of any kind, I use a Renzetti Traveler. Like Ard, my Traveler sat on the bench for almost a year; now it's front and center! It's easy to use and even holds 10X long streamer hooks pretty well when you're working down on the eye end of the hook. I really like being able to flip a fly upside down and use top hook tying techniques on the bottom. Oh, and did I mention being able to get really smooth streamer bodies from the bend to the eye.... and ditto for ribbing..... and la meme chose for palmered hackles........and..........and.

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    I have the same Vosseler as Kerry and use it at shows because it is a conversation piece.
    Plus it has my name on it:

    But I still have and use my Renzetti Traveler with both the thumbscrew and the cam jaws

    Rotary vise is the only way to go.

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    Default Re: Whats your vise?

    Joni, I remember when you got your Vosseler. It looks like it is really well built but it sure is a strange looking thing.


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    Absolutely! It suctions to car windshields beautifully and the totally adjustable head makes on the spot fly tying a breeze.

    I have made attachments for it like the arm so I can rotate or spin the jaws rotary style.

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    Default Re: Whats your vise?

    Joni and Kerry: I can sure see that your Vosseler vice would indeed be a conversation piece. That suction cup would make it pretty handy to setup just about any place.


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    Default Re: Whats your vise?

    Anyone have any experience with the Griffin Spider Vise?
    Mikey Adams
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    Default Re: Whats your vise?

    Quote Originally Posted by bi visable View Post
    Anyone have any experience with the Griffin Spider Vise?
    I started with a Griffin Spider - it held up very well and I was able to tie a wide variety of flies with that vise. I think I could have used that vise for many more years. The only reason I sold it was that I started tying tube flies and the tube attachment would not fit on that vise. That is something to check for if you are going to buy a new vise and plan to tie tube flies b/c many of the vises on the market do not have enough room for the attachment.

    Now, I have a Dyna-King Trekker.

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