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Thread: Whats your vise?

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    Default Whats your vise?

    Just curious what vise's everyone uses?

    I use just a standard simple cabelas vise, one that you would get in a fly tying kit. Im looking to upgrade, im thinking about a Renzetti Cam Series Traveler.

    Share some picture is you got them
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    Default Re: Whats your vise?

    I've had mine so long that I can't remember even where I got it but I think it was off the shelf at a tackle shop in Billings MT. I'm sure it wasn't more than $30. Its kept its edges and can tie down to #24 though its not as easy as it would be with a midge tip or such.

    I can't say I don't envy those with nice rotary vises but the price of one represents alot of hooks and quality hackle. So I just keep going with my old one.

    If I were to upgrade, I'd get the best on I could afford and then some. There's alot of good collective Vise knowledge here and I'm sure you'll get the recommendations your looking for. For me....

    Norvise fly tying system (I would also want those cool bobbins)
    Renzetti - SE Master
    pikes peak - peak rotary
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    Default Re: Whats your vise?

    I bought a Renzetti Traveler at a going out of business sale in 1994 for $63 in the box. It sat for a year while I continued to work on my Thompson 'A' and I also had a Thompson 360 which is an 'A' jaw built in a 360 rotary head. They seem to be rare and I use mine as my camp vise.

    It took awhile to get the rotary thing figured out and I still do most winding by hand turns. They are handy for winding wire bodies like the body of the Tomahawk salmon fly. You can do well without rotary, I did for 26 years but I do like them.

    I would recommend the Renzetti based on my using it.

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    Default Re: Whats your vise?

    I use a Regal Medallion Series Vise with the stainless steel jaws. I can tie flies as small as 32 (although I don't). Even though it is rated to hooks as large as size 2, I often tie some size 2/0 Tarpon and Striped Bass flies.


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    Default Re: Whats your vise?

    I also have a Regal Medallion, and absolutely love it. I think the important thing is to find a vise which suits your style. I like the Regal because it's built like a tank, accepts a wide variety of hook sizees, and is extremely simple to operate. You may be looking for other features, though.
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    Default Re: Whats your vise?

    I used a Thompson "A" for years and then last year bought a Peak rotary vise on EBay and love the rotary function, even if I'm just inspecting the fly from diferent angles.


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    Default Re: Whats your vise?

    I use a Danvise, which is a top-rated vise in the under-$100 range, and is a particular value with its "true rotary" capability and ball-bearing construction. I have tied down to # 28 with it, even though it doesn't offer special midge jaws. I particularly like its unique clamp, which is the best I've seen.
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    Default Re: Whats your vise?

    I been using a Thompson Pro for the past 22-24 years
    It was a upgrade from an earlier Herter's

    Maybe someday I'll get around to getting myself a rotary, but I'm not in a rush
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    I'm new to the whole tying flies thing and love it. I started out with a cheapy vise from J Stockard when I bought some hooks, thread and the basic stuff to get started tying thread midges. The little vise lever recently began to mushroom out and started losing it's tightening power.
    I saw a post by Pocono about this vise and ordered one. It's very cool and I've been tying 22-24 midges with it the last few days. Winter here in the tailwaters requires tiny midges for the selective trout.

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    Default Re: Whats your vise?

    Hi Everyone,

    I have two Thompson's Model A and an early Norvise.


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