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    Default The Old Feathers Are In...

    Just got the old feathers

    One package of pheasant that has to be trashed due to bugs. A 144 gross package of size 14 dry fly hackle in assorted dyed and natural colors. A dozen package of mallard dyed wood duck yellow. Two peacock eyes. A package of assorted feathers dyed some as small as size 22. One piece of black herl (small piece) very fine stuff.

    And for the grand finale 10 jungle cock eyes, two about 1/2 inch long and the other eight about 1 inch long.

    My friend told me that this is a very small part of a box filled with fly tying materials that belonged to a gentleman named George Martin from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. One of Georges best friends was John Atherton (correspondence letters in the box) John was a pioneer in fly tying as noted in his bio and was a famous artist who drowned while fly fishing in New Brunswick, Canada in 1952.

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    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

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    Default Re: The Old Feathers Are In...

    Dave, congrats, it sounds like you received quite a good stash of feathers!


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    Default Re: The Old Feathers Are In...

    Any featherz iz good featherz!

    Thanks for the reminder, I've got some Flank feathers in the freezer that I need to take out and wash tomorrow.

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    Default Re: The Old Feathers Are In...

    Nice haul! Sounds like George spent a lot of his time tying dry flies; which matches up pretty well with Lancaster, PA; and PA in general, the Northeast part of which is akin to the Catskills.


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    Default Re: The Old Feathers Are In...

    interesting story, thanks for the update... I was wondering about this

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