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Thread: best hooks

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    Default best hooks

    i have been looking at buying hooks for drys as there now my next challenge and need some desperatly for my fly box and am confused on the hook choose i have been looking on ebay and found alot but the hook eye is in differant positions (bent up, straight, bent under ) and was wondering if you can help me out on which type of hook would be best for small drys (midge etc)
    many thanks

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    Default Re: best hooks

    Make life easier for yourself. Buy the hook that is called for in the recipe for the fly. Commonly used hooks for midge dries are the TMC 100, TMC 501, and TMC 518. The TMC 2487 is a light wire nymph hook that could be used as a dry emerger hook with the right materials.


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    Default Re: best hooks

    For small dries like midge's I'd go with a straight eye dry fly hook. The gape on small flies is reduced when the eye of the hook is turned down, which can reduce hookups.
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    Default Re: best hooks

    You guys have eyes on your hooks? Just kidding. I just pick a hook that is relatively close to what the recipes calls for. e.g. if it calls for a TMC hook I don't have, I use a Mustad I do that is close to the same thing. Some hooks are better than others, by brand. You kind of get what you pay for. Some hooks I use are made pretty much by one company, like the Mustad 37187 hook I use in my Reynold's Pike flies. There is no law that says there is no other allowable hook. I just like it and Mustad is the only one making it. So what I'm getting at is one size 14 down eye dry fly hook is pretty much the same as the next guys. Some are a bit more slender wire, or a bit better quality, etc., but just because it says Mustad blah blah, does not mean a TMC won't work. I buy hooks in 100 packs most of the time. I get a better deal that way. Figure out what flies you tie most and get the best deal on bulk hooks of those types you need, not getting overly stuck on brand.

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    Default Re: best hooks

    I use Mustad and TMC. I have both down eye and straight eye TMC hooks,
    but it doesn't really matter to me either way. Large eye hooks are available,
    and I'd be more interested in that for #18 and smaller.

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