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Thread: Its unreal how much you forget

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    Default Its unreal how much you forget

    i used to Fly Fish and tie a ton...well after a 5 year break im getting back into got a little bit of tying stuff the other night just really enough to tie a few basic flies....well i went to tie a few nymphs last went for a pheasant tail nymph....i did 2 one normal and one took me forever...had to dig a book out and go over the pattern to make sure i was doin it right...the non beadhead didnt come out real great but the beadhead came out pretty good...ill be glad when i can get back in pratice and get some more materials which wont be too long but ill be glad when i get goin again thats for sure

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    Default Re: Its unreal how much you forget

    Hi luke,

    The important thing is you are back at it. It must be daunting with the huge amount of new tying materials available now. You will be knocking them out in no time.


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