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Thread: fly pattern websites

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    Default fly pattern websites

    can some of you all give me some websites to check out some patterns and also tying instructions....i know of Charlie's flybox website....can some of you all give me some more to look at for references

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    Default Re: fly pattern websites

    luked: There are a ton of sites out there, the one I like the best is Charlie Craven's web site: Charlie's FlyBox - Colorado's Best FlyShop and online Fly Tying Tutorials

    Also go to YouTube and search for fly tying, they have lots of videos showing how to tie flies. Here is a link to a bunch of videos doing a search on trout fly patterns:
    YouTube - trout fly patterns

    Also the globalflyfisher has a number of videos on fly tying you might be interested in. Tie Better - Learn to tie better flies - Tying methods, tricks and tips - Become a better fly tyer - Global FlyFisher


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    Default Re: fly pattern websites

    What do you fish for? Uh.....not the reason, the species.

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    Default Re: fly pattern websites

    i use like perigrines said charlies flybox and youtube alot but i have quite a few books i look through for ideas you sometimes find them in secondhand shops cheap and i find them great but i find the problem with youtube is they either tie the fly to fast or skip parts out which i dont like but dont have any faults about charlies flybox thats normally my first port of call when looking for a pattern


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    Default Re: fly pattern websites

    fishin for trout mainly

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    Default Re: fly pattern websites

    I found this site the other day. It's just a ton of recipes, but it might help.

    Fly Patterns Gnat

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    Default Re: fly pattern websites

    Warmwater Fly Tyer, Council Bluffs, Iowa - Warmwater Fly Tyer - by Ward Bean is my favorite place to get recipes for bass, bluegill, and crappie flies

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    Default Re: fly pattern websites

    YouTube is a great source of videos, I really like The Anglers Net also, good quality of videos and a number of patterns.
    Here is the link.
    Anglers Net - Fly Tying Videos

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    Default Re: fly pattern websites, has a very extensive library...I have one book that has over 10,000 patterns, all told I have over 40,000 patterns.
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    Default Re: fly pattern websites

    Here is a good site for fly tying videos the anglers art


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