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    ok I haven't gone to cabelas yet like i said i would. i went to walmart instead and got some gold wire which ended up being too big (24 gauge). Does anyone know what gauge works for flytying and it must depend on hooksize right? so lets say on a 12. i keep thinking i'll save money by going to craft stores or even walmart but really i should just head over to the fly shop.

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    You are correct on the wire size...match it to your hook size...Craft stores will have sizes you can use, I got some in I 32 guage I believe...Usually it's on bigger spools at the craft store...


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    i got my gold nd silver wire from craft store as it was haveing a closeing down sale so i got the finest wire they had its a little to fine for larger flies but the largest i hve been tying are #12 you could use pieces of the wire you got as weight to add to your flies to get them a little deeper so it wouldnt go to waste


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    For bodies on flies like Brassies you can get away with thicker wire--- about the same thickness as the hook shank of whatever size hooks you're using. (It's also a good rule of thumb too for weighting flies with lead or non-toxic lead substitute wire.)

    For ribbing, you'd want it to be a lot thinner than the hook shank of whatever size hook you're using.

    If you're looking for copper colored wire you could try stripping some speaker wire for fine diameter wire, or a stripped extension cord for a bit thicker.

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