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    Default Peak Vise Owners: Get the Midge Jaws!

    I bought my Peak vise from Richard at Gypsy Outdoors (from ebay), and finally
    bought the midge jaws last week. WOW! What a difference! I had been using
    the standard jaws for hooks as small as #20, but had to use the upper corner
    of the jaw. The midge jaws allow a #20 bend to go from top to bottom of the
    jaw, and grip MUCH better than I had expected. They are also much easier
    to install than I expected, taking a little more than one minute. You simply
    grap one of the c-clips with hemostats to remove, and slide the pin
    out. The standard jaws slide right out, and the midge slide right in. There is
    a little grub screw that get loosened, but that's so quick it's hardly worth
    mentioning. Richard has the best price on these jaws BTW, and his shop is
    on the same street as the Peak company. $35 shipped, and I'm happy. !

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    Default Re: Peak Vise Owners: Get the Midge Jaws!

    Frank: Yes, I agree, I bought the midge jaws awhile back and have really enjoyed tying with them. It is really nice for those small midge patterns.


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