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Thread: new fly vise

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    Default new fly vise

    Hello all,
    i am in question with my griffin MT mongoose vise, problem started about a month ago after i adjust for good tension on the hook i will be using i notice after a fly or two the hook seems to not have the same tension on it as the other and have been pulling in the upward position for reasons unbenounced to me, also i am on a kick of tying 18's to 24's and as the vise holds them fine as long as i adjust after every fly i was looking for something a little more small fly specific like a danvise or lower end renzetti, if anyone has suggestions or ideas behind the griffin's newly acuired problems. thank you all and have a great day.

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    bh, I can only speak of the Danvise. It's the only vise I have owned. I really like it but truthfully, I have nothing to compare it too since it is the only vise I have owned. I can tell you that for the price (they seem to be middle of the road price) at 85 bucks they may be worth a try....I picked mine up at Cabelas.

    Regards, Boser

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    Default Re: new fly vise

    I'm just basing this on having owned a Griffin 2A: are you adjusting the foward
    screw tight enough before operating the cam lever? It has to be pretty snug
    for the system to work. Is the O ring pulling the jaws back open after releasing the cam lever? If the O ring doesn't pull the jaws open, you might
    not be getting the correct tension on the front screw again. Griffin is a good
    company, and you can send it back to them for servicing.

    It is possible to wear jaws down, but that might take a while. You can try
    using more pressure when closing the cam. The Griffin vises are pretty tough.

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    Just looked up Griffin's warranty, and it's 100% lifetime: Return Policy

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    Default Re: new fly vise

    If you can't figure out the issue with your Griffin, you may want to consider the Regal Medallion SS. It has stainless steel jaws that will accomodate as small as 32 and as large as 2 according to the specs. I have tied as large as 4/0 with mine.

    The key issue with this vise is placement of small hooks. If the hook is not placed correctly, it will shoot out of the jaws to somewhere to the other side of the room.

    True story. I was at a fly tying seminar with Jack Dennis two weeks ago. He decided to use his old Regal instead of his Abel. When he decided to tie a #18 Baetis nymph, he shot three hooks to the other side of the room.


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