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  1. Question posting attachments

    Wanted to post some of my new fly ties , but can"t seem to be able to??
    any help , it said that you can , but at the bottom of my screen it said [may not post attachments] ?? HELP

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    take a look at this and see if it answere your questions.
    Dave Watts

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    what website are you posting them from? I tried from and I realized that it was making them too big to be posted on here. is a good one because it makes them smaller for you.

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    Hi Thompson48,

    If you continue to experience problems you may want to PM to Frank Whiton and ask for his help.


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    if you download pisca3 you can crop and resize your pictures and upload then straight to the NAFFF gallery and use them in your posts as Ard said if you have problems just PM Frank he helped me out when i had problems uploading photos


    (P.S pisca3 is free to download and is handy forlotsof things i have found )
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    Hi thompson48,

    If you follow the directions in the link that Dave gave you it works fine. If you have the photos on your computer you can upload them from there to the NAFFF Photo Gallery. A good size is 640x480 or 6"x4". You can load larger photos but if you try to load full size photo the program doesn't work.

    Photobucket is a poor choice because when you put the photo into your post, the actual photo is not posted. A link to Photobucket apprears instead. So for everyone to see your photo they have to click on the Photobucket window to see the picture. Not as nice to just look at your post and see the photo.


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    Hey thanks guys will try/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post
    Hi thompson48,

    Photobucket is a poor choice because when you put the photo into your post, the actual photo is not posted.
    it'll work but you gotta use the link that photobucket gives you under each image on their website. although, you can do the same with picassa, snapfish, bluemelon etc. its up to you. i really recommend but they won't resize the pic for you (but they do give you 5gb of space)

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