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Thread: material sources

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    What would be a good source for online materials not looking for anything specific but a general good source.



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    Cabela's is a reliable source, Feather craft, Anglers Workshop which has really good hard to find stuff, same thing on the unusual stuff, has some pretty cool stuff if you tie Salmon flies. Fugl & Fjer Flytying, English version is another source for interesting stuff. One of my favorites is THE FLY SHOP - FLY FISHING EQUIPMENT, GUIDE SERVICES, AND INTERNATIONAL FLY FISHING TRIPS which has a lot of stuff and I have never had a problem with them. That should get you started.

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    Hey Ab,

    Depending on what you are sourcing, there are a few materials I like to hold in my hand before buying. Deer hair is an example-- I like to feel 'bounce' in the hide-- not a thick, dense feel-- I feel that 'bouncy' hair spins better.. Beware-- not all belly hair is created equal....

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    I have had good luck with Thornes. Decent prices and selection. The shipping is a bit slow as it comes from Canada.

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