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Thread: DANVISE Out, New Vise IN

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    Default Re: DANVISE Out, New Vise IN

    Quote Originally Posted by edsflyshop View Post
    Peak defiantly has the best vise on the market for the money. I agree, the people from Peak are great people.
    I have emailed them at Peak.....and plan on meeting up them when the come to the Grand Junction Fly Fishing Expo......The guy told me he would give me some secret a company who values it's customers.
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    Default Re: DANVISE Out, New Vise IN

    Quote Originally Posted by smallieman View Post
    I purchased the Danvise because of the price point, reviews, and how it worked. I did some research and I purchased it.

    Why it sucks and I returned it...
    -Made of plastic
    -Jaws are too close to the body. ( purchased the extension arm for it if you need it let me know I will sell it for $10 bucks )
    -Jaws were not holding size 14 or smaller hooks tight
    - Rotary Part was not smooth and got worse.

    Maybe I got a crappy one but I contacted the company and that was a joke.. They did not care.

    Well so I took it back to Cabelas and talked to a few guys their and upgraded to the Griffin Blackfoot Mongoose Fly Vise. It did not have Cam Lock Jaws but they sell an add on for that if I need it.

    What are your thoughts on this new vise. I tied 3 flies at cabelas with it and works nice feels nice. I will post some photos of my first flies on it later
    I'm kind of amazed with this smashmouth review of a vise that has always been reviewed as best in class. Since Al Beatty has U.S. distribution rights other than Orvis', I'm assuming one of those two "blew you off". I have dealt with both Beatty and Orvis and I have found them to be very cooperative, particularly with products I had problems with.

    I completely disagree with your review points.

    First off, I routinely tie # 22-28 flies on my Danvise with absolutely no problems holding the hook. Have you read the instructions for adjusting the hook-holding mechanism; it's not necessarily intuitive?

    Secondly, plastic? What does that have to do with anything? If it's plastic and works, so what? In my view, strong plastic (this is used in aerospace) does the job and at a lighter weight - better for traveling.

    Thirdly, sorry to hear that you had trouble with the rotary function. Did you adjust it as called for? I've had two and never had a problem with the rotary function, which has always worked smoothly once you adjust the tension to the level you prefer.
    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

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    The Danvise has gone through a series of quality improvements such as new jaws that have a shorter taper to resolve any flaring issues with the jaws. The vise still holds hooks tighter than vises that cost much more. There is also a reliable source for spare parts at They will also service the vise and answer any questions you have about the Danvise.

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    Ive had a danvise for about 10 years. I love it. I retro'd a counterweight on it and it spins like a norvise. Very smooth rotary. Far smoother than my blackfoot mongoose. Al Beatty was very nice to deal with for me. I cant even remember why I contacted him, but I do remember he sent me two of whatever I ordered.

    my Danvise is my travel vise. I have an original Bergstrom that is my main vise and my griffin collects dust.
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    Default Re: DANVISE Out, New Vise IN

    I have the Griffin Spider and have used it about 3 years and tied hundreds of flies of all sorts & sizes. It has never failed me nor given me any problem whatsoever. Your Mongoose is a upscale version of my Spider - I think you will be very happy!

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    Default Re: DANVISE Out, New Vise IN

    I love my mongoose (but I tie for salt and warm water so tiny hooks aren't an issue). The Peak was a close second choice, but I'd need a second set of jaws. I almost bought the Danvise or the spider, but the plastic drove me off. I hope after this time you're happy with the blackfoot.

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    If price point along with quality is a big concern, try one of the Wolffe ind Atlas series.

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    Default Re: DANVISE Out, New Vise IN

    Quote Originally Posted by swcr View Post
    If price point along with quality is a big concern, try one of the Wolffe ind Atlas series.
    Also don't forget Ebay. I got my mongoose like NIB for $130, and I could have had a renzetti traveler for a few bucks more. Mid range vises are great. They are always for sale. Some folks want to step up a notch, others decide tying isn't for them, and some get too old. Either way, the vise is for sale, priced to move.

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    Default Re: DANVISE Out, New Vise IN

    I've been tying on my Danvise for a year w/o any issues at all. Got it from Orvis for around $65 after using a coupon received for taking one of their fly tying classes. That's almost a $100 difference from the Peak.

    Of course, a vice that can't do the job for you is not a good value at any price. I chose the Danvise because it is a true rotary at a great price point and it will hold virtually ALL hook sizes, so it meets both my freshwater and saltwater needs. My ONLY complaint is that the jaws are set too close to the body for some tying applications. I will be ordering the extension arm today.

    Would I love to own a Peak? Absolutely, they are exquisite pieces of kit; who wouldn't want to sit down to tie at one. It makes all your flies look just a little bit better. But, as others have already pointed out, comparing the Peak to the Danvise is really apples and oranges.
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