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    Default Rite-Bobbin Magnum Half-Hitch Tool

    Has anyone used this tool yet? If so, how do you like it? I'm tempted to buy, yet I need to see a little more feedback. One thing that concerns me is that the bobbin barrel is metal and all of my previous all metal bobbins wore a groove in them which eventually began cutting and fraying thread. Here is the YouTube vid of how it works: [ame=]YouTube - Rite Half Hitch Mag Bobbin[/ame]

    I own a regular Rite-Bobbin and love it for most tying applications. This new one looks like it could shorten the tying process when finishing the fly.

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    Default Re: Rite-Bobbin Magnum Half-Hitch Tool

    there was a thread on thi sabout as month or 6 weeks back- some had tried and liked it. Supposedly, the tube is some 'space age material' that doesn't wear down, I dunno personally. There was also talk about an Italian bobbin (Stonfo?) that has a drag adjustment that's supposed to be smooth operating, but it has a ceramic tube.

    I guess the half hitch capability of the Rite Magnum is somewhat appealing, but I can cast a half hitch pretty easy over thetip of my scissors, so no big draw for me.

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    Default Re: Rite-Bobbin Magnum Half-Hitch Tool

    May have to try one of those. Like you I like my regular Rite bobbin. In fact I keep my 6/0 black on it.

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