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Thread: Hook Brands

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    Default Hook Brands

    Hi Everyone,

    One of the most confusing thinks about fly tying for me is hooks. The different types and different sizes. I would like to stick with one brand of hook so I dont make things to confusing for myself. What brands would you suggest?

    I was looking at Tiemco because the website I want to order from has a wide variety of them.

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    Default Re: Hook Brands

    bobby, There are obviously better hooks on the market than say a BPS special or Walmart hooks but, I have caught plenty of fish on the cheaper hooks. If for convienence you buy Tiemco they are great hooks. I use Tiemco, Mustad mostly. I find the Mustad to be just a little better only because they flex less when I'm tying them.

    There are actually many websites with alot of info about hooks on the internet if you want that type of info. Hopefully this is the type of info your looking for. If not there is a wealth of knowledge on the BB...

    Regards, Boser

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    Default Re: Hook Brands

    Tiemco and Mustad...mostly Mustad for me though because I found some great deals and bought what's probably a lifetime supply size 8 to 24 in dry, wet, streamer and nymph hooks. I do like tiemco for some special tyes though. I have some cheaper brands but the quality is all over the place in almost every regard but especially in closing the eye fully.

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    Default Re: Hook Brands

    I bought a ton of Mustads about 7 years ago, and still have 3/4 of a ton left.
    There are a couple dozen packs of Tiemco hooks in my drawers as well, and
    I broke out a pack of Tiemco 100 dry hooks in #20 this past Friday. I was tying Parachute Adams, and realized that the Tiemco hooks have a noticeably
    larger gap than the Mustad, and were a bit longer as well. The Tiemco 100 is
    a standard size dry, i.e., not 1x long. The Tiemco 100 in sizes 18 and 20 are
    much better porportioned than the Mustads, so I'll be ordering more Tiemcos
    in those sizes. The new Mustad Signature hooks are supposed to be better
    in terms of porportion, but I haven't used them. Mustads were my choice way
    back because of price, so I'd like to find out about the Signatures.

    I also have some Daiichi dry hooks in size 20, and they are even smaller than
    the Mustad #20's. I'd say the Tiemco 100 #20 make the Mustad #20's look
    like #22's, and the Daiichi #20 look like #24. The only drawbacks to Tiemco
    are occasional lack of availability (popular), and I've had a few break in the
    vise (3-4). Wide gap in small sizes is my priority now.

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    Default Re: Hook Brands

    I use Tiemco hooks for most flies. However, I use Partridge, Gamakatsu, Owner, Targus, and Daiichi hooks for specialty flies.

    It is common to see Tiemco hook numbers in many recipes. If you want to use a Mustad, Daiichi, or other brand, you can link here to see a hook number comparison chart.


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    Default Re: Hook Brands

    Tiemco here too. It's the only brand available at the sports store in town but I'm feeling lucky after reading the above.
    I just concentrate on three shapes, standard dry, standard nymph, and scud. In those a standard length, 1x long, 2x long, 3x long. I don't worry too much about the wieght of the hook or the x short sizes at my stage. That may change with more experience.

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    Default Re: Hook Brands

    90% mustad, since they have hooks for all types of tying (salt, trout, bass, pike, etc) then different brands for specialty tying (show flies, etc) Also ty with some off brands just because I get them by bulk (1000) for the shop flies.
    sandfly/ bob
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    Default Re: Hook Brands

    im no pro my any means but i like mustad you can get a pack of 50 for the same price as a pack of 25 from other companys. but that being said i still dont mind picking up any other brand if the price is right.

    my favorites are as follows.
    Mustad, Diachi (spelling looks wrong), Cabelas brand, and Eagle claw makes some that i like alot for my nypmhs
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    Default Re: Hook Brands

    Mustad is widely available, more so than almost any other. That being said, no worries about where you start, you will most probably end up with a number of different makes in your desk eventually.
    Mustad tends to be a bit more affordable for their regular hooks. Their signature hooks are not far off everyone else's prices.
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    Default Re: Hook Brands

    I have been buying from allen and co.....very happy...great deals tooo
    if I'm not here...I'm on another line...with a fly on the end..

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